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25 Nov 2017    |    15 Jan 2018

Viktorie Langer: Hormones Harmony

Young Czech artist Viktorie Langer, nominated for the 2017 Jindřich Chalupecký Award, will be the first in a series of emerging artists and designers showcasing their work in the new Czech Centre Window Gallery.

29 Nov 2017

Supporting London's Growing Population of Night Shift Workers: The Effects of Sleep Disruption and Proven Coping Methods

A roundtable discussion reflecting on the rising demand for night shift work across the UK and drawing awareness to the effects of sleep disruption on an individual’s health and wellbeing. The event will bring together union representatives, policy makers, researchers and sleep scientists to share new knowledge, explore ways to lessen the negative impact of shift work on the individual and outline the subsequent employer benefits that introducing such practices can have.

28 Nov 2017

Rage against the machine: a symposium on artists as activists

'Rage against the machine' departs from the 40th anniversary of Charter 77 – an open letter from key signatories from the cultural sphere, which criticized the then communist government of Czechoslovakia for failing to recognise basic human rights. In 1977, dissident writer Václav Havel and several others were arrested, imprisoned or forced into exile for signing the letter. In 2017 the majority of Europe is free of such open repression, despite the rise of nationalism and xenophobia in European politics. 'Rage against the machine' explores how cultural producers respond to the more insidious demands of today's political economy. Must artists as activists go beyond expressing the inequalities in today's world or is this cry of anguish an end in itself?



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20. 05. 2017

Journey to the Interior

20 - 21 May 2017, Dissenters' Gallery, London. Photo: Czech Centre London

10. 05. 2017

European Literature Night with A. L. Kennedy

10 May 2017, British Library, London. Photo: Jolly Thompson

22. 04. 2017

The Image Speaks: Miloš Forman and the Free Cinema Movement

22 - 30 April 2017, Close-Up Cinema, London. Photo: Czech Centre London

12. 04. 2017

Pavla and Lucia Sceranková: Surface Tensions

12 April - 11 June 2017, PumpHouse Gallery, Battersea Park, London. Photo: Eoin Carey and Czech Centre London


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