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5 Nov 2016    |    7 Nov 2016

Dejvické Theatre in London

Dejvické Theatre will open the 20th annual Made in Prague festival, organized by Czech Centre London. For the first time, the highly sought-after theatre will be introduced to a British audience, with three performances at the Greenwood Theatre from November 5-7: ‘Theremin’, ‘A Blockage in the System’, based on the works of Irvine Welsh, and Shakespeare’s ‘The Winter’s Tale’. The festival will showcase a cross-section of the theatre’s work, presenting the old, the popular, and the new. Events arranged alongside these plays include a theatre workshop corresponding to the musical instrument of ‘Theremin’ and an exhibition of the theatre’s posters. This special event will be the vanguard of the 25th anniversary of Dejvické Theatre in 2017. And maybe Welsh will attend too!

16 Oct 2016    |    31 Oct 2016

Petr Kolečko: Poker Face

2011. Poker player Jana is living in a luxury apartment in Prague, struggling to get on with her idealistic daughter Pavlína. However, in 1989, Jana experienced the Velvet Revolution with all the passion of youth, mingling with activists and ending up in a late night raucous meeting with leading dissidents. What has turned an idealist into a cynic? How crucial was the death of her father, a former worker in the Nigerian oil wells? Could Pavlína be Havel’s child? Alternating drama with dark comedy Poker Face portrays three generations against the backdrop of radical change in Central Europe. UK premiere of a thought provoking play by Petr Kolečko in new English translation by Eva Daničková.

8 Nov 2016

Eva Nová + Q&A with director Marko Škop and actress Emília Vášáryová

Once a well-known actress, Eva Nová is leaving rehab for the third time determined to start life anew; to pick up her career and make amends with her estranged son Doďo. It was her older sister who brought Doďo up when Eva, pursuing her career and lovers, abandoned him. Fighting resentment and anger built up over the years she doggedly follows the notion of second chances. A heart-felt drama with a brilliant central performance by the leading Slovak actress Emília Vašáryová.

10 Nov 2016

A Country in Motion: Films from Burma

An evening dedicated to the recent social, political and cultural transitions in Burma presented through the eyes of its young filmmakers. Free elections, gender equality and fighting poverty are recurring themes in the short films selected by Igor Blažević, thinker, political activist and founder of the One World Human Rights Festival in Prague. Followed by a discussion with Burmese filmmakers and experts, reflecting on the films and Czech – Burmese parallels, Václav Havel´s friendship with Aung San Suu Kyi, and the input given by Czech filmmakers to Burmese documentarians.

11 Nov 2016

I, Olga Hepnarova + Q&A with director T. Weinreb and actress M. Olszanska

Set in 70s Prague, and shot in glorious black & white, I Olga opened the prestigious Panorama Section of this year’s Berlinale. Based on real events, it’s the story of a deeply troubled woman unable to fit in or find a place in the world. At the age of 22 she took revenge on society and killed eight people, becoming a mass murderer. Condemned to death she was the last woman to be publicly executed in Czechoslovakia. Was Olga a monster or a victim? The UK premiere is followed by the UK general release on 18 November.

5 Nov 2016

Erotikon + live accompaniment by Lydia Kavina (theremin), Thomas Ang (piano)

This landmark of Czech cinema explores the moral consequences of a night of passion between a Prague playboy and a provincial stationmaster’s daughter who becomes pregnant. Abandoned by the philanderer, she marries another man, but still dreams of the passion she experienced with her former lover. Restored by the Czech National Film Archive, Erotikon is the forerunner to director Gustav Machatý’s Ecstasy and a landmark in European silent film.







25. 06. 2016

Mallory + Q&A with director Helena Třeštíková

25 June 2016, Picturehouse Central, London

25. 06. 2016

Barbora Kleinhamplová at Gasworks Summer Open Studios

Barbora Kleinhamplová: Hand over Heels. Open Studio, Gasworks, London, 2016. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Barbora Kleinhamplová.

17. 06. 2016

Bonus and Mary C + DJ Gadjo and Mario Bihari in Richmix

17 June 2016, Richmix, London

14. 06. 2016

Eva Jiřička: I'll try to repeat after you

14 June 2016, The Performance Studios, The NINES, Peckham, London. Photographs courtesy of Tinatin Shaburishvili.


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