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12 Aug 2016    |    28 Aug 2016

MAK! – Mobile Architecture Studio Tour in Scotland

MAK! is a caravan transformed into a mobile architecture studio. Every year it embarks on a journey across the Czech landscape, towns and villages offering its services when invited. From small scale project design to larger interventions in public space the studio offers consultancy, prepares sketches and also builds anything from benches to swimming baths, always engaging the local community.

21 Jul 2016

Motherhood, maternal and art

As part of the project ‘Clipping the Church,’ this event brings together artist Tereza Bušková, curator Roma Piotrowska and photographer Marta Kochanek to investigate the position of a woman-mother-artist and explore representations of the maternal, and different models of family and motherhood, in art.

17 Sep 2016    |    25 Sep 2016

BREATHLESS: The Essence of Glass

'BREATHLESS' is an interactive exhibition based on Dechem Studio's passion for glassmaking. Representing the essence of glass, from its inception to its presence in various forms located all around us, it features live glass blowing, a museum of glass curated by OKOLO, workshops and talks.

27 Apr 2016    |    16 Oct 2016

The Poetry Periscope Project

For four weeks the British Library Piazza will be home to the Poetry Periscope, a new sound installation for the public from Prague which contains a curated selection of poems from 30 European countries, both in their original language and in an English translation. The Czech Republic is represented by Ondřej Buddeus' poem I'm 35... Don’t miss your chance to encounter the richness and diversity of spoken word from Europe before it sets off on a tour around a number of festivals and venues around the country, including in Brighton, Birmingham, Ledbury and Durham.

25 Jun 2016

Barbora Kleinhamplová at Gasworks Summer Open Studios

Drop by and get to know Gasworks visiting artists at this free event offering London audiences a unique opportunity to see, hear about and discuss the research and work-in-progress that they have been developing over the past three months. Featuring Barbora Kleinhamplová, Hyunjoo Heaven Baek, Engel Leonardo and David Mutiloa.

5 Nov 2016    |    7 Nov 2016

Dejvické Theatre in London - TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE!

Dejvické Theatre will open the 20th annual Made in Prague festival, organized by Czech Centre London. For the first time, the highly sought-after theatre will be introduced to a British audience, with three performances at the Greenwood Theatre from November 5-7: ‘Theremin’, ‘A Blockage in the System’, based on the works of Irvine Welsh, and Shakespeare’s ‘The Winter’s Tale’. The festival will showcase a cross-section of the theatre’s work, presenting the old, the popular, and the new. Events arranged alongside these plays include a theatre workshop corresponding to the musical instrument of ‘Theremin’ and an exhibition of the theatre’s posters. This special event will be the vanguard of the 25th anniversary of Dejvické Theatre in 2017. And maybe Welsh will attend too!







25. 06. 2016

Mallory + Q&A with director Helena Třeštíková

25 June 2016, Picturehouse Central, London

25. 06. 2016

Barbora Kleinhamplová at Gasworks Summer Open Studios

Barbora Kleinhamplová: Hand over Heels. Open Studio, Gasworks, London, 2016. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Barbora Kleinhamplová.

17. 06. 2016

Bonus and Mary C + DJ Gadjo and Mario Bihari in Richmix

17 June 2016, Richmix, London

14. 06. 2016

Eva Jiřička: I'll try to repeat after you

14 June 2016, The Performance Studios, The NINES, Peckham, London. Photographs courtesy of Tinatin Shaburishvili.


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