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25 Jan 2018

IS IT ALL ABOUT TIME? Gender Equality in Czech Law and Practice

A talk by Dr Barbara Havelková /// While EU directives on anti-discrimination law have been transposed into Czech law, their implementation has been overwhelmingly ineffective in promoting the cause of gender equality. Dr Havelková examines why this should be so in her recently published book Gender Equality in Law: Uncovering the Legacies of State Socialism.

14 Jan 2018    |    18 Mar 2018

Daylight Management

Daylight Management is the first public moment in the UK of the Night Shifts project, a sprawling network of artists, researchers, scientists, night-shift workers and union representatives initiated and led by artist Martin Kohout. Taking night work as the central premise for discussion, the project explores what a night shift labour model can effect on both personal and infrastructural levels, tracing relationships – and those related technologies that enable private communication – alongside an exploration of the city as a warped space for 24/7 production.

15 Jan 2018    |    15 Mar 2018

Curatorial season at Delfina Foundation: Lucie Drdová

Czech Centre London and the Arts and Theatre Institute - Artists in Residence Programme are supporting Czech gallerist and curator Lucie Drdová at her winter season residency at the Delfina Foundation.

12 Feb 2018    |    18 Mar 2018

Czechia Now!

Developed by fashion designer Kateřina Plamitzerová, fashion photographer Michaela Čejková and garden architect Lucie Králíková, Czechia Now! is a multifaceted fashion and photography exhibition resulting from an unconventional research trip around the Czech Republic.

10 Jan 2018

Albert Černý / Lake Malawi / Maella / DJ Ben Osborne

Prague’s Move Festival launches a new series of live music events showcasing some of the untapped talent currently bubbling out of the Czech Republic.



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20. 05. 2017

Journey to the Interior

20 - 21 May 2017, Dissenters' Gallery, London. Photo: Czech Centre London

10. 05. 2017

European Literature Night with A. L. Kennedy

10 May 2017, British Library, London. Photo: Jolly Thompson

22. 04. 2017

The Image Speaks: Miloš Forman and the Free Cinema Movement

22 - 30 April 2017, Close-Up Cinema, London. Photo: Czech Centre London

12. 04. 2017

Pavla and Lucia Sceranková: Surface Tensions

12 April - 11 June 2017, PumpHouse Gallery, Battersea Park, London. Photo: Eoin Carey and Czech Centre London


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