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27 Jun 2019    |    29 Jun 2019

Forman Brothers' Theatre: Deadtown

For the first time in the UK, the sons of Oscar-winning Miloš Forman, bring a cast of 20 acrobats, dancers, singers and musicians to perform this spectacular Wild West tale. Using an extraordinary mixture of film, live action and magic they move from illusion to reality presenting the Old West in a completely new way.

17 Jun 2019    |    22 Jun 2019

Libor Šmoldas & Nigel Price: UK tour

Two superb award-winning jazz guitarists, Brit Nigel Price and Czech Libor Šmoldas, team up for a UK tour starting on 17th June in the British mecca of jazz, Ronnie Scott's, in London. Accompanied by drums and bass the two musicians par excellence perform their guitar magic across the country. Price blends flowing bebop lines, deep blues sensibility and a mastery of chording which combines perfectly with Šmoldas's smooth melodic approach and slight touch of the blues, soul jazz and groove. This tour is about as good as jazz can get - an experience truly not to be missed.

6 Jun 2019

Eva Jiřičná: Boundaries without Boundaries

A masterclass with Eva Jiřičná, a world-renowned architect whose far-reaching work transcends physical as well as symbolic boundaries, who will talk about her work, inspiration and the role of intuition in her creative process.

31 Jul 2019

Prague Guitar Quartet at Dillington House

Prague Guitar Quartet will play works by Rodrigo de Falla, Zdenek Lukas and John Duarte at the beautiful Dillington House in Somerset as part of the Twenty Fifth Dillington Guitar Festival.

18 Jun 2019

Simon Mawer: Prague Spring

The British writer Simon Mawer will talk about his latest book Prague Spring, a complex love story set amid the drama of 1968, and his fascination with Czech history. Mawer's novel Mendel´s Dwarf, inspired by Gregor Mendel, one of the fathers of genetics and the abbot of a Brno monastery, was followed by another Brno story, the Man Booker Prize shortlisted The Glass Room revolving around Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's famous Villa Tugendhat. With Prague Spring Mawer transfers his focus to Prague and the period of the Soviet-led invasion in August 1968, once again poignantly capturing the lives of people who are caught up in the wheels of history. Chaired by David Vaughan.

21 Jun 2019    |    25 Jun 2019

Off Sides at Edinburgh International Film Festival

Can a pig look at the sky? In the summer of 2017, young ice hockey players from East Bohemia set off on a long-distance trip to Morocco to participate in what was surely the most entertaining training camp they had ever experienced. A few months later, their visit was reciprocated by ice hockey players from Morocco. This exchange trip fostered a lively dialogue between two different cultures, spiced up by many little surprises and doses of liberating humour.


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