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30 Sep 2019    |    28 Oct 2019

Czech Innovation Expo

The interactive exhibition using cutting-edge technology and bringing back history as much as it reveals the new tech trends.

17 Oct 2019

Science Café: Games vs Education - The Hidden Gift of Video Games. With Pavel Barák

Reveal the positive effects of playing video games? No, really! The experts believe that their much discussed negative impact is not a true picture of the industry.

30 Oct 2019

In Quest of History: On Statehood and Identity with Jiří Přibáň and Pavel Seifter

As contemporary politics drift closer to totalitarianism, historiography from scholars and thinkers who have experienced twentieth-century totalitarian regimes is more important than ever. A professor of legal philosophy Jiří Přibáň and Pavel Seifter, historian and former Czech Ambassador to the UK, search for the roots of contemporary problems in our past, examining how we navigate history among the shifting tides of our national identity and what statehood and democracy mean 30 years after the fall of communism.

6 Nov 2019

The Other Europe: The Power of the Powerless with Jacques Rupnik and Tom Roberts

30 years after the fall of Communism, leading historian and political scientist Jacques Rupnik and a multi-award winning documentary film director Tom Roberts re-visit their Channel 4 revolutionary documentary series which revealed the impact of 40 years of Communist rule on the nations of the ‘Other Europe’. Written and narrated by Jacques Rupnik, this programme examines power, ideology, resistance, art and the traumas of the totalitarian experiment using interviews with leading oppositionists and extracts of their work. Reminiscing what was it like for a Western crew to film in Communist countries on the brink of collapse, meeting filmmakers Andrzej Wajda, Jiří Menzel, writers Václav Havel, Josef Škvorecký, and young Viktor Orban, the panelists will discuss the notion of the Other Europe now after the changes of 1989 and in the current political climate.

21 Nov 2019

Theatre on the Balustrade: Velvet Havel

Václav Havel - the dramatic genius, the persecuted dissident, the man of truth and ideals but also a lover of good beer and pretty women. A portrait of the first post-1989 Czech president presented as a modern-day musical, Velvet Havel is a multi-award-winning production from the cult Prague The Theatre on the Ballustrade.

29 Nov 2019

Electronica: Vision of Sound

Celebrating 30 years of freedom from communist rule in Eastern Europe, Czech, Hungarian and Polish musicians of a new generation join forces for one-off experience fusing intricate electronics and dizzying visuals.


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