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9 Feb 2017    |    24 Feb 2017

Black Hole Generation: The Kings Are Back

The first London exhibition by David Krňanský, Martin Lukáč, and Julius Reichel, the Czech artist trio Black Hole Generation (B.H.G.). The Kings are Back is an exhibition of Black Hole Generation’s examination of contemporary culture and its propensity to overload us with visual stimulation.

24 Feb 2017

Koudelka Shooting Holy Land

A unique and intimate look into the creative process of Josef Koudelka, one of photography’s greatest living masters. Czech Photographer Josef Koudelka grew up behind the Iron Curtain and always wanted to know “what was on the other side”. Forty years after capturing the iconic images of the Soviet invasion of Prague in 1968, the legendary Magnum photographer arrives in Israel and Palestine. On first seeing the nine-meter-high wall built by Israel in the West Bank, Koudelka is deeply shaken and embarks on a four-year project in the region which will confront him once again with the harsh reality of violence and conflict.

28 Feb 2017

Alois Nebel + Screen Talk with Tomáš Luňák

1989 in the Sudetenland near the Czech-Polish border. Alois Nebel is a solitary train dispatcher who becomes haunted by the ghosts from his and the region’s violent history whenever the fog crawls into the mountainous area.

14 Mar 2017

IKARIE XB-1 @ Fashion in Film Festival

Ikarie XB-1 is an ambitious science fiction space opera, possibly best known for prefiguring many visual and thematic motifs of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Made in the midst of the Cold War, this ‘Space Marienbad’, as one critic called it, epitomises the era’s raging space race and cultural competition between the East and the West. The film portrays an idealised communist civilisation circa 2163, as it embarks on a voyage beyond our solar system. Its real protagonist is a monumental discovery spaceship, a self-contained world in miniature designed to impress the world with its vision of a highly advanced lifestyle, as imagined by a small socialist country. Its 22nd century costumes are no less steeped in the ideology of utopianism, something that is especially driven home when ‘ancient people’ of the 20th century are discovered deep in space.


Living Room Theatre - Call for participation

Václav Havel's The Vaněk Trilogy is being made into a fully interactive and immersive performance in an exciting collaboration between the Czech Centre and award-winning theatre company ONEOHONE. This project is inspired by living room theatre, the cultural platform developed by Czech dissidents from Charter 77 to share their work with each other in private apartments. In the spirit of living room theatre, we are looking for volunteers anywhere in London willing to share for one evening only their private homes with up to 25 theatre loving strangers between March and September 2017. A living/dining open space is necessary, but not the seating - we'll do the rest!

25 Mar 2017

Richard Müller & Dan Bárta at 229 Venue

Two big names of Slovak and Czech music Richard Müller and Dan Bárta are coming to London to perform at 229 Venue. Get ready for Richard’s biggest hits as well as new tracks from his last album 55.







30. 11. 2016

Made in Prague Film Festival 2017

5 - 30 November 2016, London

07. 11. 2016

Dejvické Theatre in London

5 - 7 November 2016, Greenwood Theatre, London

11. 10. 2016

H3T architekti @ Soak, Steam, Dream: Reinventing Bathing Culture

Architects reimagine bathing - from guerilla saunas to pop-up bath houses, 11 October 2016, Roca Gallery London

27. 09. 2016

Fresh Czech – Mydy Rabycad / Ghost of You

27 September 2016, The Forge, London


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