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29 Mar 2019

Diary as Art Form: Jiří Kolář and Diary 1968

Jiří Kolář was a key figure of the Czech avant-garde. Already an exceptional poet, he turned to collage techniques for his remarkable Diary 1968. This bore witness to the events of the Prague Spring and its later suppression by Soviet forces, in a series of multi layered collages of texts, newspaper cuttings, paintings, leaflets and other found matter. A talk by curator and artist Milena Kalinovská.

25 Apr 2019

Richard Askwith on Unbreakable: The Woman Who Defied the Nazis in the World's Most Dangerous Horse Race

Come and join us for an evening with Richard Askwith, author of an evocative biography of Emil Zátopek, speaking about his new book Unbreakable and Lata Brandisová, the first and only woman to win the Grand Pardubice, the world’s most dangerous steeplechase, defying the Nazis in the process and winning the heart of the nation. Richard will be in conversation with Julian Wilde about the tale of courage and heartbreak, in an age of fear and prejudice: of sexism, class hatred, and nationalism.

25 Jan 2019    |    31 Mar 2019

Revolution Begins at Home: The Women of Czech Dissent

The new exhibition at the Vitrínka Gallery presents portrayals of 21 women who actively stood up to the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia during the 1970s and 1980s and the ways in which women engaged in the different currents of political and cultural resistance. It commemorates the 42nd anniversary of the publication of the Charter 77 Declaration, which called on the Czechoslovak government to comply with international human rights commitments it had signed up to in the Helsinki Final Act in 1975.

9 Feb 2019    |    30 Mar 2019

Book of Changes by Kamila Ženatá

Immersive video-art installation at Beverley Art Gallery *** Kamila Ženatá is a Czech contemporary multi-media artist with international reputation, drawing up on her extensive experience with art therapy. This exhibition is a tribute to the ‘Book of Changes’, an ancient Chinese collection of wisdom. Since its dispersal across Western cultures, The Book of Changes had a profound influence on modern psychology, literature and art. Kamila created eight videos celebrating the natural elements appearing as symbols in the Book. The videos are shown simultaneously thus creating an immersive experience for all senses, celebrating synchronicity and mutual interaction. The exhibition was created in collaboration with Hošek Contemporary gallery in Berlin (Germany) and is supported by the Czech Centre London.

6 Apr 2019    |    7 Apr 2019

Olga Stehlíková at The European Poetry Festival

Czech poet, editor and critic Olga Stehlíková is coming to The European Poetry Festival, which is bringing over 70 of Europe’s most innovative and dynamic literary and avant-garde poets to London, Norwich, Manchester, and Dublin for 9 events over 2 weeks in April.

31 Mar 2019

Susanna Roth Translators Award 2019 - Call for Entries

Czech Centres and the Literary Section of the Arts and Theatre Institute (ATI), Prague, announce the 5th year of the International Competition for Young Translators – The Susanna Roth Prize, named after the celebrated Swiss translator Susanna Roth (1950 – 1997) who made a significant contribution to the promotion of contemporary Czech literature abroad.


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