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27 Nov 2020    |    30 Nov 2020

Athanor - The Alchemical Furnace

A playful, poetic and candid insight into Jan Švankmajer's artistic workshop in which a grand master of puppetry and animation conjures his sharp and merciless exploration of human nature

28 Nov 2020

Electronica: Vision of Sound II

A virtual experience with atmospheric, intricate soundscapes and visual spectacle by Bratři (CZ), Óperentzia (HU), Hatti Vatti (PL) and Katarína Máliková (SK).

30 Nov 2020

Global Science Café: Charles Games: Challenges of Developing Serious Video Games

Charles Games is the studio behind the award-winning game Attentat 1942. Charles Games focuses on narrative games and enjoys coming up with innovative ways to explore serious themes. Charles Games Studio is based in Prague and is currently developing a new historical game Svoboda 1945: Liberation. Charles Games was established as a spin-off of Charles University and represents a unique connection between the academic sphere and the gaming business.

3 Dec 2020

An Online Tour of Adolf Loos’s Villa Müller

The Villa Müller is the most significant work of modern architecture in Prague, a true masterpiece by the Brno-born pioneer of modern architecture and design Adolf Loos. He is one of the greatest architects of the 1st half of the 20th century and is the founder of the Raumplan.

27 Nov 2020    |    6 Dec 2020

Czech films at The London International Animation Festival

The London International Animation Festival, the UK’s largest, longest-running and most eclectic animation festival returns for its 17th year with a mammoth 10-day celebratory feast of forums, screen talks and 205 of the best recent, historical and retrospective animated shorts and features from around the world.

21 Nov 2020    |    24 Nov 2020


The brilliant, self-taught Czech healer Jan Mikolášek who cured millions with herbal medicine is threatened by the Communist authorities in Agnieszka Holland’s biopic.


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