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6 Dec 2016

Iva Bittova & Abraham Brody @ Vortex

Musicians Iva Bittová and Abraham Brody come from different traditions but with the same feeling and raw energy for performance. Improvisation and spontaneity play a large part in their solo work, as well as their collaborations, and together at Vortex in addition to their solo sets, they will perform a set of live duo improvisations in the spur of the moment, exploring all the possibilities and dimensions of the violin and voice.

5 Dec 2016    |    30 Dec 2016

Three Wishes for Cinderella

One of the most beloved films in all Eastern European cinema, Václav Vorlíček's reworking of the classic Cinderella tale is both delightful and unconventional. Deviating from the original story, yet retaining an air of real magic and beauty, Three Wishes for Cinderella takes the familiar fairytale and invests it with a feisty and rebellious Cinderella who - far from being some passive beauty - rides a horse, knows how to hunt and actively pursues her handsome Prince.


Czech Language Courses - enrolment open

Enrolment for the winter term of highly popular Czech language courses is now open. The evening courses are available at different levels and take place in our offices near Covent Garden. The tutors are fully qualified, experienced native speakers. Enrolment up to Monday 23 December 2016.


Susanna Roth's 2017 Translators' Competition - Call for Entries

Czech Centres and the Literary Section of the Arts and Theatre Institute (ATI), Prague, announce the 4th year of the International Competition for Young Translators – The Susanna Roth Prize, named after the celebrated Swiss translator Susanna Roth (1950 – 1997) who made a significant contribution to the promotion of contemporary Czech literature abroad.

3 Feb 2017

Love, sex and marriage…with a robot?

Designers are producing robots that are increasingly human-like in appearance and actions. From sophisticated machines we can chat to, through to lifelike sex robots, these creations have the potential to change how humans date, have sex or fall in love. But do we really want – and need – artificial companionship? Join us for an evening of activities, from talks to film screenings, as we explore the future of romantic relationships.







25. 06. 2016

Mallory + Q&A with director Helena Třeštíková

25 June 2016, Picturehouse Central, London

25. 06. 2016

Barbora Kleinhamplová at Gasworks Summer Open Studios

Barbora Kleinhamplová: Hand over Heels. Open Studio, Gasworks, London, 2016. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Barbora Kleinhamplová.

17. 06. 2016

Bonus and Mary C + DJ Gadjo and Mario Bihari in Richmix

17 June 2016, Richmix, London

14. 06. 2016

Eva Jiřička: I'll try to repeat after you

14 June 2016, The Performance Studios, The NINES, Peckham, London. Photographs courtesy of Tinatin Shaburishvili.


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