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Touching 1989: Reflections & Recollections | OPEN CALL

30 years ago, the events of 1989 redrew the political map of Europe, affecting the lives of millions. Looking at those historical moments and their aftermath from today’s perspective what role did the year 1989 play in your life? Do you have an experience or a memory of 1989? Maybe you immigrated to the UK, maybe you have family memories, maybe you have another story to tell. WHATEVER IT IS, WE WANT TO HEAR IT!

3 Aug 2019    |    25 Aug 2019

Spitfire Company: Miss Amerika

Last seen at Summerhall during Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015 with Antiwords, Total Theatre Award and Herald Angel winning Spitfire Company return with their new show.

31 Jul 2019

Prague Guitar Quartet at Dillington House

Prague Guitar Quartet will play works by Rodrigo de Falla, Zdenek Lukas and John Duarte at the beautiful Dillington House in Somerset as part of the Twenty Fifth Dillington Guitar Festival.

14 Sep 2019    |    22 Sep 2019

Rony Plesl: Sacred Geometry

Internationally acclaimed Czech designer Rony Plesl creates a unique glass installation inspired by the idea of Sacred Geometry, a universal language organizing all visible and invisible reality according to basic geometrical principles. The three identical hexagonal glass tree trunks are an artistic expression of this system. Contrasting to their pure minimalist structure is a glowing forest made of uranium glass that emanates a sublime green fluorescent light, reminding us at the same time of branches and flames. In this way, the installation as a whole pays tribute to the key components of glass making – fire and wood.

27 Jun 2019    |    29 Jun 2019

Forman Brothers' Theatre: Deadtown

For the first time in the UK, the sons of Oscar-winning Miloš Forman, bring a cast of 20 acrobats, dancers, singers and musicians to perform this spectacular Wild West tale. Using an extraordinary mixture of film, live action and magic they move from illusion to reality presenting the Old West in a completely new way.


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