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16 Sep 2016    |    28 Jan 2017

H3T architekti @ Soak, Steam, Dream: Reinventing Bathing Culture

Opening as part of the 2016 London Design Festival, Roca Gallery's latest exhibition explores a new communal bathing culture through the work of contemporary architects and designers. The exhibition features work by Czech architectural studio H3T known for their ‘pop-up’ saunas, that have been suspended from a bridge or placed in the middle of a lake.

21 Sep 2016    |    23 Sep 2016

BREATHLESS: Free Walking Tour of the V&A Glass Collection and Breathless Exhibition with Curator Adam Štěch

This original introduction to glass, its making, history and design consists of a guided tour of the V&A’s glass collection and a visit to the nearby Breathless site-specific installation where guests can participate in live glass blowing and visit a pop-up museum of various forms and development stages of glass.

1 Oct 2016    |    18 Dec 2016

Roman Štětina: Instructions for use of Jiří Kolář

Czech artist Roman Štětina’s work investigates the processes of creating broadcast media including film, television and radio. His videos, installations and sculptures foreground the props, recording studios and technologies that are usually hidden behind the sounds and images received by an audience. At Spike Island, Štětina presents a new feature length film made in collaboration with Miroslav Buriánek – a director of radio drama who worked for the Czech Radio station for 37 years – which traces the process of recording a series of poems by the Czech poet, collage-artist and translator Jiří Kolář, Instructions for Use (1969), for radio broadcast.

27 Apr 2016    |    16 Oct 2016

The Poetry Periscope Project

For four weeks the British Library Piazza will be home to the Poetry Periscope, a new sound installation for the public from Prague which contains a curated selection of poems from 30 European countries, both in their original language and in an English translation. The Czech Republic is represented by Ondřej Buddeus' poem I'm 35... Don’t miss your chance to encounter the richness and diversity of spoken word from Europe before it sets off on a tour around a number of festivals and venues around the country, including in Brighton, Birmingham, Ledbury and Durham.

16 Sep 2016    |    29 Oct 2016

Petr Stanický@ North Lands Creative Glass: A Portrait at 20

Works of Czech glassmaker Petr Stanický will be featured at a major exhibition at Dovecot Gallery in Edinburgh. The exhibition will tell the story of North Lands Creative Glass as it celebrates its 20th birthday. Opening on 16 September, North Lands Creative Glass: A Portrait at 20 will chart the centre’s 20 years of experimentation with glass through new commissions, works by past masters and archival materials. This exhibition delves into the North Lands archives and combines works from their study collection, then opens out to showcase major works by ten invited master glass makers.

5 Nov 2016    |    7 Nov 2016

Dejvické Theatre in London

Dejvické Theatre will open the 20th annual Made in Prague festival, organized by Czech Centre London. For the first time, the highly sought-after theatre will be introduced to a British audience, with three performances at the Greenwood Theatre from November 5-7: ‘Theremin’, ‘A Blockage in the System’, based on the works of Irvine Welsh, and Shakespeare’s ‘The Winter’s Tale’. The festival will showcase a cross-section of the theatre’s work, presenting the old, the popular, and the new. Events arranged alongside these plays include a theatre workshop corresponding to the musical instrument of ‘Theremin’ and an exhibition of the theatre’s posters. This special event will be the vanguard of the 25th anniversary of Dejvické Theatre in 2017. And maybe Welsh will attend too!







25. 06. 2016

Mallory + Q&A with director Helena Třeštíková

25 June 2016, Picturehouse Central, London

25. 06. 2016

Barbora Kleinhamplová at Gasworks Summer Open Studios

Barbora Kleinhamplová: Hand over Heels. Open Studio, Gasworks, London, 2016. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Barbora Kleinhamplová.

17. 06. 2016

Bonus and Mary C + DJ Gadjo and Mario Bihari in Richmix

17 June 2016, Richmix, London

14. 06. 2016

Eva Jiřička: I'll try to repeat after you

14 June 2016, The Performance Studios, The NINES, Peckham, London. Photographs courtesy of Tinatin Shaburishvili.


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