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14 Sep 2019    |    22 Sep 2019

Rony Plesl: Sacred Geometry

Internationally acclaimed Czech designer Rony Plesl creates a unique glass installation inspired by the idea of Sacred Geometry, a universal language organizing all visible and invisible reality according to basic geometrical principles. The three identical hexagonal glass tree trunks are an artistic expression of this system. Contrasting to their pure minimalist structure is a glowing forest made of uranium glass that emanates a sublime green fluorescent light, reminding us at the same time of branches and flames. In this way, the installation as a whole pays tribute to the key components of glass making – fire and wood.

24 Sep 2019    |    25 Sep 2019

A Certain Kind of Silence at Raindance Film Festival

A "stylish Eurothriller" from debutant Czech director Michal Hogenauer about a young woman who is unwittingly drawn into a sinister cult-like group and has to decide whether to preserve her integrity or conform to a lifestyle that is utterly alien to her.

17 Sep 2019    |    13 Oct 2019

IKON Research Residency: Kateřina Šedá

The Ikon gallery will host Czech conceptual and social artist Kateřina Šedá while she undertakes research in Birmingham towards her major project for the gallery which will take place in the autumn of 2020. Her residence follows a previous visit in 2017 when she focused on the local canal network, especially as it cut through Ladywood, a central city district characterised by a large transient population of refugees and asylum seekers.

24 Sep 2019    |    18 Oct 2019

Vojtěch Mašek as Artist in Residence at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival

The Czech Literary Centre, a section of the Moravian Library, begins its cooperation with the Lakes International Comic Art Festival. Award-winning Czech comic creator and film maker Vojtěch Mašek has been announced as the Artist in Residence and will spend four weeks in Kendal, where the Festival is held. He will also be a guest of the Festival itself, which takes place 11-13 October 2019.

21 Nov 2019

Theatre on the Balustrade: Velvet Havel

Václav Havel - the dramatic genius, the persecuted dissident, the man of truth and ideals but also a lover of good beer and pretty women. A portrait of the first post-1989 Czech president presented as a modern-day musical, Velvet Havel is a multi-award-winning production from the cult Prague The Theatre on the Ballustrade.

29 Nov 2019

Electronica: Vision of Sound

A visual spectacle with atmospheric, intricate soundscapes by Floex & Tom Hodge (CZ/UK), Mïus X Attaray Visual (HU) and NOON (PL).


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