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5 Dec 2019

Science Café: Back to Nature - the Renaissance of Psychedelics. With Tomáš Páleníček

*** THE JOURNEY OF PSYCHEDELIC MEDICINES FROM NATURAL TREATMENTS TO FORBIDDEN SUBSTANCES AND BACK AGAIN *** LSD, psilocybin, mescaline or MDMA are notoriously known as illegal and dangerous drugs. However, the reality is very different. Latest official research of these substances in fact demonstrates completely different results. For millennia many of these psychedelics have been used by traditional cultures for healing and spiritual purposes. Recent scientific research confirms their potential to support the neurobiology of mental processes and also their unique potency in treating disorders such as depression, anxiety and addictions. The Czech Centre’s Science Café talk will summarize the current body of knowledge on psychedelics in the context of the laboratory and clinical research and their traditional use.

1 Nov 2019    |    10 Jan 2020

1989 The Velvet Revolution: The End of the Totalitarian Regime in Czechoslovakia

Czech Centre London's new photographic exhibition in the Vitrínka Gallery looks back at the heady events which culminated in the 1989 Velvet Revolution through the lenses of ten leading Czech photographers who captured the ground-breaking moment in Czech history and the exhilarating atmosphere that followed.

1 Nov 2019    |    31 Dec 2019

Touching 1989: Reflections & Recollections

30 years ago, the events of 1989 redrew the political map of Europe, affecting the lives of millions. Looking at those historical moments and their aftermath from today’s perspective – what do we remember and what has changed for us?

27 Nov 2019

Dash Café: Europe and the Velvet Revolution – 30 years on

For its November edition, Dash Café, a popular monthly event featuring conversation, live performance, film and music, will explore the long term impact of the 1989 revolution that caused the collapse of the Soviet Union. Through the prism of artists, filmmakers and writers from across the Czech Republic and Slovakia, it will explore whether that extraordinary spirit of activism still exists today.

29 Nov 2019

Electronica: Vision of Sound

Celebrating 30 years of freedom from communist rule in Eastern Europe, Czech, Hungarian and Polish musicians of a new generation join forces for one-off experience fusing intricate electronics and dizzying visuals.


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