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13 Jul 2018

Vít Křišťan Trio at Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival

Sensational Czech pianist Vít Křišťan conjurs beautiful music from roots in jazz, European folk and classical traditions. His Trio with trumpeter and vocalist Oskar Török and bass player Jiří Slavík will present their delightfully engaging and attractive chamber jazz at this year's Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival.

4 Jul 2018

Let’s Dance by VerTeDance at BE Festival in Birmingham

Contemporary dance is often denigrated and accused of being self righteous, impenetrable even, begging the question, how can it be explained? With tongue firmly in cheek, director Petra Tejnorová takes charge, with a cast of five, in writing the ‘manual for anxious audiences’ offering guidance about how to overcome your ‘contemporary’ fears. Emblazoned with irony, the show plays with the audience whether on the fence or initiated.

27 Jul 2018    |    2 Sep 2018

Humour under Occupation: Prague Spring 1968 in Caricatures

50 years since the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia quashed the Prague Spring we look at how cartoonists in the Czech and British press interpreted the politics of the time through humour. Original 1968 caricatures from leading Czech and UK newspapers, on loan from a private collection can be seen at the Vitrínka Czech Centre Gallery 27th July – 10th September 2018.

18 Jun 2018    |    31 Dec 2018

Czechoslovak Statehood 1918 / Prague Spring 1968

*** AN INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATION *** The Czech Republic is celebrating important anniversaries in 2018: The 100th anniversary of the birth of an independent Czechoslovakia in 1918, and the 50th anniversary of the dramatic political events of 1968.

18 Jul 2018

Robert Balzar Trio at Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival

Virtuoso musicians playing in a standard jazz piano format and referencing show tunes, modern jazz standards, ECM preciousness, central European folkloric, with the brilliant bassist’s constantly intriguing and inventive music, giving pianist Jiří Levíček, a master in classical music mode as well as jazz, a thrilling platform “so fresh and exciting” (The Herald).

11 Aug 2018    |    16 Sep 2018

A Weakness for Raisins Films & Archive of Ester Krumbachová

Ester Krumbachová was a key figure in Czech New Wave cinema in the 1960s. She contributed significantly to films such as The Party and the Guests, Daisies, Valerie and Her Week of Wonders, Witchhammer, and The Murder of Mr Devil as a costume designer, stage designer, scriptwriter, author and director.


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25. 01. 2018


20. 05. 2017

Journey to the Interior

20 - 21 May 2017, Dissenters' Gallery, London. Photo: Czech Centre London

10. 05. 2017

European Literature Night with A. L. Kennedy

10 May 2017, British Library, London. Photo: Jolly Thompson

22. 04. 2017

The Image Speaks: Miloš Forman and the Free Cinema Movement

22 - 30 April 2017, Close-Up Cinema, London. Photo: Czech Centre London


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