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6 Oct 2018

Lost in Munich + discussion with Vít Smetana and Peter Neville

A witty farce about the French prime minister’s parrot, a witness to the Munich Conference who reveals its secrets decades later, wounded national pride and the perils of filmmaking.

16 Oct 2018

European Graphic Novels: Drawing Untold Stories

Graphic novels are proving themselves the unlikely arena for European artists and writers to come to confront difficult and untold twentieth century experiences.

15 Oct 2018    |    17 Oct 2018

Winter Flies at BFI London Film Festival 2018

Two teenagers embark on a quixotic journey in a stolen car across the Czech Republic in Olmo Omerzu’s bittersweet take on the road movie genre.

28 Oct 2018

St. Wenceslas + live musical accompaniment by Cappella Mariana

A landmark in Czech cinema, this historical epic is the only film to attempt to reveal the life of the country's patron saint.

16 Nov 2018    |    17 Nov 2018

Bolek Polívka Theatre: The Jester and the Son

In order to punish a young aristocrat a canny and cruel jester king decides to transform him into a jester. With the help of his companions in a jesters´ retirement home he subjects the novice to lessons helping him to discover his jester self. But before a new jester can be born, he must undergo a ritual.

29 Sep 2018    |    17 Nov 2018

Anna Hulačová: Graceful ride

In Anna Hulačová: Graceful ride, table–like horizontal surfaces are inset with abstracted forms which mutate from cell structures, micro-organisms or insect's internal organs, within a biosphere of variable proportions. This unknown micro–macro space is the ground into which the artist plants a web of symbolic citations, from tradition, mythology and history.


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25. 01. 2018


20. 05. 2017

Journey to the Interior

20 - 21 May 2017, Dissenters' Gallery, London. Photo: Czech Centre London

10. 05. 2017

European Literature Night with A. L. Kennedy

10 May 2017, British Library, London. Photo: Jolly Thompson


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