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26 Jan 2017

Dr Jiřina Šiklová at Night of Ideas; Generations, Voice, Action

Marking the 40th anniversary of Charter 77, dr Jirina Siklova will share her experience with political activism from 1968 onwards and discuss an informal civic initiative in communist Czechoslovakia known as Charter 77 at the panel discussion exploring a development of political activism and its contemporary forms. With each new generation bringing in its wake new preferential modes of expression, is the political action of previous generations made irrelevant and obsolete? Are some generations outvoted? Do the younger generations, those on social media, those of the “Generation 89”, have a specific role to play?

3 Feb 2017

Love, sex and marriage…with a robot?

Designers are producing robots that are increasingly human-like in appearance and actions. From sophisticated machines we can chat to, through to lifelike sex robots, these creations have the potential to change how humans date, have sex or fall in love. But do we really want – and need – artificial companionship? Join us for an evening of activities, from talks to film screenings, as we explore the future of romantic relationships.

16 Feb 2017

Not Far From the Black Flag

Two Czech independent photojournalists talk about their unique first-hand experiences while covering conflicts in Syria and Iraq, the war against ISIS and its effects on civilian life.

28 Feb 2017

Alois Nebel + Screen Talk with Tomáš Luňák

1989 in the Sudetenland near the Czech-Polish border. Alois Nebel is a solitary train dispatcher who becomes haunted by the ghosts from his and the region’s violent history whenever the fog crawls into the mountainous area.


Susanna Roth 2017 Translators' Competition - Call for Entries

Czech Centres and the Literary Section of the Arts and Theatre Institute (ATI), Prague, announce the 4th year of the International Competition for Young Translators – The Susanna Roth Prize, named after the celebrated Swiss translator Susanna Roth (1950 – 1997) who made a significant contribution to the promotion of contemporary Czech literature abroad.

24 Feb 2017

Koudelka Shooting Holy Land

A unique and intimate look into the creative process of Josef Koudelka, one of photography’s greatest living masters. Czech Photographer Josef Koudelka grew up behind the Iron Curtain and always wanted to know “what was on the other side”. Forty years after capturing the iconic images of the Soviet invasion of Prague in 1968, the legendary Magnum photographer arrives in Israel and Palestine. On first seeing the nine-meter-high wall built by Israel in the West Bank, Koudelka is deeply shaken and embarks on a four-year project in the region which will confront him once again with the harsh reality of violence and conflict.







07. 07. 2016

The Games Europe Plays - Body Tech

7 July 2016 - 26 August 2016, Stephen Lawrence Gallery, 10 Stockwell St, London

25. 06. 2016

Mallory + Q&A with director Helena Třeštíková

25 June 2016, Picturehouse Central, London

25. 06. 2016

Barbora Kleinhamplová at Gasworks Summer Open Studios

Barbora Kleinhamplová: Hand over Heels. Open Studio, Gasworks, London, 2016. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Barbora Kleinhamplová.

17. 06. 2016

Bonus and Mary C + DJ Gadjo and Mario Bihari in Richmix

17 June 2016, Richmix, London


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