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20 Jul 2017

Fragile Bliss @ Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival

Exciting instrumental trio Malina-Liška-Nejtek make their UK debut. Inspired by jazz, bluegrass, contemporary classical and folk music they present a joyful interplay of banjo, piano and bass.

4 Aug 2017    |    12 Aug 2017

Czech Showcase @ Fringe: Cirk La Putyka - Batacchio

Award-winning contemporary circus company mixes breathtaking acrobatics, original music, magic tricks and unexpected illusions in a fantastical journey to the spectacular comedies of the 19th century. Batacchio fluctuates between real and unreal, truth and illusion, combining new circus, dance and theatre with disciplines rarely seen on stage – ventriloquism and stage magic. This UK debut for Batacchio marks the company’s third Edinburgh appearance following sell-out seasons in 2011 and 2015.

4 Aug 2017    |    15 Aug 2017

Czech Showcase @ Fringe: Lenka Vagnerova & Company - Gossip

Gossip, blather, misinformation and rumours are a cross-cultural phenomenon of humanity. The power and punch sound of the word uttered in the form of slander is often more powerful than the gun. Thrilling and impressive dance huddle, combines dance, physical theatre, puppetry and dramatic theatre. Multi award-winning dance theatre company is back to the Fringe!

10 Aug 2017    |    19 Aug 2017

Czech Showcase @ Fringe: 420PEOPLE - Wind-Up

Czech dance in its ultimate form. Inspired by energy’s accumulation and explosion, Prague’s 420PEOPLE deliver a dynamic sextet made of ferocious energy, finest movement and original music. Labelled as 'a killer show' by audiences. In collaboration with musician Amos Ben-Tal, choreographer Václav Kuneš and his company 420PEOPLE indulge in contemporary dance full of energy, a torrent of images and witty, repetitive action dealing with the motive of memories of the past.

13 Aug 2017    |    19 Aug 2017

Czech Showcase @ Fringe: DOT504 - You Are Not the One Who Shall Live Long

You are asked to explain a purpose, statement of intention and concept. But there is nothing. There is nothing to explain. Except for acceptance that what we do, and who we are, is in flux. Is what we do who we are? Or is what we do just a reaction? A look at features of political and social criticism and the obsession with satisfying our needs, whether it is love, sex or money.

14 Aug 2017    |    27 Aug 2017

Czech Showcase @ Fringe: Spitfire Company - The Narrator

A story about secrets, about the unspeakable truth, about being a woman. Told in the only way possible. Cécile Da Costa dances, sings and undergoes extreme physical strain in order to tell her intimate story. A stunning visualisation of the deep memories the body cannot completely forget. Award-winning Spitfire return with a one-woman tour de force of spellbinding performance commitment.



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20. 05. 2017

Journey to the Interior

20 - 21 May 2017, Dissenters' Gallery, London. Photo: Czech Centre London

10. 05. 2017

European Literature Night with A. L. Kennedy

10 May 2017, British Library, London. Photo: Jolly Thompson

22. 04. 2017

The Image Speaks: Miloš Forman and the Free Cinema Movement

22 - 30 April 2017, Close-Up Cinema, London. Photo: Czech Centre London

12. 04. 2017

Pavla and Lucia Sceranková: Surface Tensions

12 April - 11 June 2017, PumpHouse Gallery, Battersea Park, London. Photo: Eoin Carey and Czech Centre London


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