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25 Oct 2020    |    1 Nov 2020

Hommage to Jiří Menzel (23 February 1938 – 5 September 2020)

To celebrate the life and work of the late director Jiří Menzel, best known for his quietly subversive 1966 Oscar-winning comedy Closely Observed Trains, the Czech Centre London and Second Run present another of Menzel’s outstanding adaptations of a literary work by Bohumil Hrabal, a newly restored Cutting it Short (1980) and an epic new documentary love letter to Czech cinema - CzechMate, In Search of Jiří Menzel (2020).

1 Nov 2020    |    4 Nov 2020


Contrasting Havel’s moral stand as a human rights activist with his flawed private life, Horák builds up a captivating portrayal of a man who has become an icon.

8 Nov 2020    |    11 Oct 2020


A riveting and poignant comedy set in a residents’ association meeting, where everyone must agree on building management. The homeowners’ characters, ranging between idealists, profiteers and manipulators, are revealed to hilarious but chilling effect.

12 Nov 2020    |    15 Nov 2020


Comparing Žbirka’s life to a great song with a a thrilling story, tempo, emotions and surprises, Šafránek creates an honest and dynamic close-up portrait of a music legend.

14 Nov 2020    |    17 Nov 2020

Hungry Bear Tales

The merry adventures of two cuddly and constantly hungry bears. Stories for young children and their parents full of humour and delicious food.

17 Sep 2020    |    22 Nov 2020

Krištof Kintera: The End of Fun!

This will be the most comprehensive UK exhibition of work by Czech artist Krištof Kintera (b. 1973, Prague). Internationally acclaimed for his sculptural, often kinetic works imbued with a characteristic energy and imaginative wit, Kintera offers an overview of new, recent, and archival works, shown in the UK for the first time. Filling both gallery floors, whilst also expanding into the public realm, THE END OF FUN! is a timely exhibition probing the apocalyptic environmental issues we currently face, taking on a new poignancy in today’s climate.


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