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Anna Hulačová at Kunstraum

ArtReview - Editors’ picks: London, 5 October 2018


'Anna Hulačová’s strange objects are leaky with the surreal. A four-legged table and an oversized skateboard are inlaid with glossy marquetry, crawling with anemones and amoebas. On top, concrete sculptures of writhing tentacles, one side cleaved flat like a node of quartz, a polished surface onto which the overlapped faces of two women are drawn in monochrome, holding a daisy collectively between their lips. The Czech artist’s sculptures are full of these jumps, from real to imaginary, from thing to image, from solidity to sensuality; as if carving and cutting dead matter might reveal a secret inner life - inert stuff made paradoxically organic and alive.'
J.J. Charlesworth