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BrumHour, Dave Massey, June 2019



For the first thirty minutes of this awesome production, we are taken into a world with elements of circus, with stunts, flips and jumps, music from a five piece band, song in multiple languages and shoutouts from the audience. This is a fun, energetic world of circus, performance, singing, dancing and magic.

Our ringmaster then stops all the action and says “Did we travel a thousand miles for this?”


Deadtown is the launch production for 2019’s BE Festival and is at Birmingham Rep until 29th June for just three performances. These are the only UK dates for this fantastic visual production this year.

A sixty-minute loud and brash cinematic story told with projection, visual effects, steampunk, horses made from bicycles, set mostly in a saloon bar in the old west and transforming locations in the desert and at the cemetery, we encounter the world of gun law presented by The Forman Brothers’.

 There’s a lot to love about this production, the music, the visuals, crazy bike tricks to the larger than life characters. From the moment I walked in and saw the hosts on stage, I knew we were in for a theatrical treat, the stage itself blurring the line between audience and performers. The sets are multi-level and the use of projection brings the spaces to life.

The publicity does say this is suitable for ages 8 plus but I think given the strong language and implied violence that 11 or 12 plus might be more suitable. Unless you got sweary primary school kids.

As a festival opening night for BE Festival’s 10th anniversary it was brilliant way of setting the tone and vibe for this years series of events.

Deadtown is at Birmingham Rep until Saturday 29th June. Book tickets here: birmingham-rep.co.uk/whats-on/deadtown.html and find out more about BE Festival which is at Birmingham Rep until 6th July here: befestival.org