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New Wave of Czech Cinema Turns Its Lens On Strong Female Characters

Nikola Vasakova, girlsinfilm.net, October 2016,

Czech cinema will be forever embedded in Britain's film memory thanks to Vera Chytilova and her seminal New Wave film Daisies. In this 60s surreal visual trip, the two main heroines, Marie I & Marie II, rebel against the conservative etiquette and metaphorically, against the political doom and abandon of Communist era.

In following decades, Czech filmmakers took turn in focus on another film (anti)hero - a down-on-luck weak male, an oaf. Or as one Czech film critic eloquently put it, chcipak (get at me if you're struggling to pronounce). 

Luckily, there is now strong evidence that we are witnessing the beginning of another great era in Czech cinema that focuses again on strong female characters. The new films in the 20th edition Made In Prague Film Festival Female Centric strand feature women who have decided to change their destiny or are fighting against the effects of fate and circumstances.