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Our pick of this week’s art events: 15 – 22 April

royalacademy.org.uk, 15 April 2016

From a display of ancient Sicilian treasures to bawdy illustrations by legendary cartoonist R. Crumb, we pick the week’s best art events.

R. Crumb: Art and Beauty

The Grounds we Tread

Pump House Gallery, London, until 19 June

This exhibition at the Pump House brings together four international performance artists in a show that interrogates public spaces. Jirí Kovanda – one of the most important Czech artists of recent years – will kick off a series of solo performances. A similar spontaneity to his most recent exhibition at the Tate Modern, where Kovanda famously invited members of the public to kiss him mouth to mouth through glass, is perceptible in this new work, where objects usually designed to hold something such as a plinth, photo frame or flagholder are left empty and seemingly invisible. Following on from Kovanda is a work by Lloyd Corporation (a collaborative project between artists Ali Eisa and Sebastian Lloyd Rees), who have asked local artists to create watercolor paintings of the local area, along with Ilona Sagar, whose work responds to medical, social and political experimentation and Cara Tolmie, whose piece will explore singing and the body.


Source: https://www.royalacademy.org.uk/article/ra%C2%ADrecommends%C2%AD15%C2%AD22%C2%ADapril%C2%AD2016