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The Story of Czech Design - 30 Years of New Identity

MutualArt.com, July 2019


'Embark on a little journey round the contemporary Czech design world admiring the innovative and often humorous design of everyday objects made from traditional glass, porcelain and wood. The Czech Centre London opens its doors to emblematic design pieces which map the last three decades of modern Czech design from the 1989 Velvet Revolution to the work of young, emerging designers. Don't miss the Czech designers who are well known to the British public and art collectors such as Maxim Velčovský with his Little Joseph candle holder and Rony Plesl, who will also be exhibiting at the V&A in September during the London Design Festival.

The Story of Czech Design - 30 Years of New Identity presents traditional Czech industrial and ethnic craftwork such as Bohemian glass, as well as other unique art forms and design products that resulted from the fusion of Czech art with contemporaneous aesthetic forms from America and Europe. Some of the designs, such as TON chairs, have been part of the Czech cultural heritage and are an inseparable part of Czech identity.'