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For the first time in the UK, the sons of the Oscar-winning film director of Amadeus, Milos Forman, bring an astonishing cast of 20 acrobats, dancers, singers and musicians to perform this spectacular Wild West tale. Using an extraordinary mixture of film, live action and magic, they move from illusion to reality presenting the old Wild West in a completely new way. The show opens Birmingham's European arts festival which this year celebrates its 10th anniversary.


27 - 29 June 2019
Birmingham Repertory Theatre
, Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2EP  

27th June - 7:30pm
28th June - 7:30pm
29th June - 4pm

Tickets from £10.00

#Deadtown @CzechCentreLnd


Big stars in the Czech Republic, the Forman brothers, Petr and Matej, have been around the globe with their travelling theatre for over 20 years. They have toured to Europe and the US and performed in many theatres (Maves Matadero - in Madrid, Spain, Théâtre de Caen in Caen, France and Le Manège Mons – Centre Dramatique - Mons, Belgium), as well as participating in various festivals, including the Festival Internazionale di Andria Castel dei Mondi in Italy, the Silkeborg Dukketeaterfestival - Festival of Wonder - in Denmark and Le Royal Festival de Spa in Belgium.

Deadtown, the Forman brothers latest creation, involves around 20 performers, musicians, circus artists, dancers and singers and combines stage sets with the magical world of silent movies to recreate the great American Far West. It’s a landscape of lively old saloons, pianos, cowboys, prostitutes, horse theives… - Welcome to Deadtown, the town that says it gave birth to the first 'Wanted' poster! “As naïve children from a small Czech town, our image of the Wild West was shaped by silent western films. We believed they lived in black and white or the soft shades of a sepia world. ... So this new production by the Forman Brothers Theatre oscillates between theatre and silent film”, say the Forman brothers.

Deadtown tells the story of a magician and illusionist, owner of a mediocre cabaret who at the beginning of the 20th century is obsessed by the new inventions of the time: cinema, photography and the hoarse sounding gramophone. And since he lives rocking back and forth between reality and illusion, it’s not hard for him to head to the country of his dreams: he creates his own vision of the American Wild West.

In this surprising multimedia silent film theatre piece the projected images function as both illustration and a living stage set which connects with the actors to create a magical reality. In a blend of animation (historically one of the strengths of the Czech film industry), powerful visual elements, live music, sound effects, traditional marionettes and actors´ performances, the Forman brothers step over the boundaries of optical illusion, discovering a new world. As in their other shows, the audience does not merely enter a theatre venue, but rather steps inside a highly original Wild West universe.

"We are trying to make use of the space in all its dimensions. Thanks to the imagination and work of our designers, we bring puppets, masks and stage sets into play. Integrated with distinctive acting, subtle light-hearted tones, film animations, live and recorded music and rich foley effects – everything combines into images and moods which support the story and its message," add the Forman brothers.

For twenty-five years now, the Forman Brothers’ Theatre has been one of the most original artistic groups in Czech theatre. However, with its unconventional approach, working methods and poetics, it still stands out from the crowd. In addition to brothers Matěj and Petr Forman and a few other permanent members, a new team is put together for each performance, bringing in new energy and skills. The Forman Brothers’ Theatre creates its performances for specific locations, such as the Mystery Boat or different theatre tents.

Deadtown: The Forman Brothers' Wild West Show
is part of BE Festival (27th June - 6th July 2019).

Story synopsis and script: Ivan Arsenjev, Petr Forman
Director: Petr Forman
Scenography: Josef Sodomka, Matěj Forman
Produced by Forman Brothers Theatre in coproduction with Théâtre-Sénart, Scène nationale - Lieusaint (France), Théâtre du Manège – Scène nationale – Maubeuge (France), Le Manège Mons – Centre Dramatique  - Mons (Belgium), Parc de la Villette – Paris (France), MCB° Bourges - Bourges (France), MC2: Grenoble - Grenoble (France), Latitude 50, Pôle des arts du cirque et de la rue - Marchin (Belgium), l'Avant Seine/Théâtre de Colombes - Colombes (France)
Choreography: Veronika Švábová, Marek Zelinka and collective
With: Petr Forman, Veronika Švábová, Marek Zelinka, Jacques Laganache, Daniela Voráčková / Simona Babčáková, Josefína Voverková, Vojta Švejda / Jiří Kniha, Michael Vodenka / Miroslav Kochánek, Ivan ”Zobák” Pelikán, Petr “Goro” Horký, Josef Sodomka / Ivan Arsenjev, Philippe Leforestier, Mitakuye Oyeasin, Jakub Tokoly, Dizzy Gilagio, Didier Castelle, Francois Lezer, Michel Oger, Thierry Malard
Financial support: Ministry of Culture, Czech Republic, City of Prague, Czech Republic


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