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Czech Dance Showcase at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

The Czech Centre London proudly presents the Czech Dance Showcase 2013, organized in association with Staropramen and Nova sit. Partnering with the ZOO Venues and featuring UK Premieres of three award winning shows by leading Czech companies, the Czech Dance Showcase 2013 will introduce the Edinburgh audience to Spitfire Company & Damuza Theater, Tantehorse and VerTeDance.

ZOO Venues, August 2-26 2013

press release, London 25 June 2013    

Each of the companies received both national and international recognition for their shows; S/He Is Nancy Joe (Tantehorse) was the The Best Contemporary Dance 2012 according to The Washington Post; What is The Weight of Your Desire? (VerTeDance) features Lucia Kasiarova, the Dancer of the Year at the 2012 Czech Dance Platform; and One Step Before the Fall (Spitfire Company & Damuza Theater) the captivating story of boxer Muhammad Ali combines the entrancing dance of Dancer of the Year 2013 Marketa Vacovska  and live music by the Czech Grammy Award holder, Lenka Dusilova.

The vibrant showcase is characterised by casts of talented and powerful female dancers. Their work presents universal stories of love, identity and power, while each of the performances offers a different perspective on contemporary dance by subtly crossing the genres of dance, physical theatre, music and multimedia.

Spitfire Company & Damuza Theater: One Step Before the Fall                           
UK Premiere

ZOO, Preview Aug 3, 8.30pm
Performance  Aug 4 – 8, 10 – 15, 19 – 22, 8.30pm

The Spitfire Company is one of the most progressive Czech theatre and dance groups, putting the emphasis on physical acting while experimenting with new theatrical features. Their new multi-genre production One Step Before the Fall tells the story of Muhammad Ali and his battle with Parkinson’s via a power dance by Marketa Vacovska, Dancer of the Year 2013, and live hypnotizing music by the holder of the Czech Grammy, singer Lenka Dusilova. Nominated for the Dance Piece of the Year and winner of Best Light Design 2013 at the Czech Dance Platform.



Tantehorse: S/He Is Nancy Joe                                                                                        
UK Premiere
ZOO Southside, Preview Aug 2 – 3, 1.30pm
Performance Aug 4 -5, 7 – 11, 14 – 18, 1.30pm

The strong Czech tradition of modern pantomime; the poetic beauty of Japanese Butoh; comedy and black humour are the foundations of the work of Tantehorse, a company known for its strong esthetic, emotionally intense and provocative shows. S/He Is Nancy Joe, a docu-drama between genders, explores transgender, difference and the desire for happiness and freedom through a unique style of street-ballet, mixing hip-hop, pop and lock and classical ballet. Voted The Best Contemporary Dance 2012 by The Washington Post.  The lead dancer and co-founder of the company, Mirenka Cechova, is a holder of the Best of Prague Fringe 2012 and the Helen Hayes Awards (USA).



VerTeDance: What is the Weight of Your Desire?                                                      
UK Premiere

ZOO, Preview Aug 2 – 3, 6pm
Performance Aug 4 - 6, 8 – 13, 15 – 20, 22 – 25, 6pm

All female dance company VerTeDance is the only Czech dance group to be twice granted the most prestigious award in the field of contemporary dance – the Dance Piece of the Year prize, most recently in 2012 for What Is the Weight Of Your Desire? Four female dancers question the role of bodies, nudity, desire and vulnerability in a provocative fusion of dance and music, providing an ironic image of contemporary men and women. Co-creator and dancer Lucia Kasiarova was awarded Dancer of the Year at the 2012 Czech Dance Platform. The original soundtrack was developed by Czech Grammy holder rock-band Zrní.



Czech Performing Arts Presentation
Fringe Central, Aug 16, 11.00 am

A brunch for media and industry with Czech theatre companies performing at the Fringe 2013 and a presentation of innovative Czech projects recommended for international touring by the Arts and Theatre institute of Prague. The Czech Centre London, Arts and Theatre Institute and Nova sit will offer resources and advice on support and collaboration.


Tickets can be booked via the Edinburgh Festival Fringe website or purchased any day of the Fringe at the ZOO Venues box office.


The Czech Centre London

The Czech Centre London is a government funded cultural agency whose mission is to actively promote the Czech Republic by showcasing Czech culture in the UK. Its programme covers visual and performing arts, film, literature, music, architecture, design and fashion. As well as hosting its own events, the Czech Centre offers support for other groups organising Czech related initiatives in the UK.



Nova sit

Nova sit is a civic association whose main aim is to facilitate networking within the Czech Republic and abroad. Since 2004 the organization has systematically been involved in arts advocacy, education/artistic residencies, workshops, seminars, discussions and consultancy services. In addition to that, Nova sit is the organizer of Mala Inventura Festival of New Theatre, which celebrated its 12th edition this year, the coordinator of the European project Development of New Art (DNA) and a guarantee of the Visegrad residency programmes in the Czech Republic.



The Czech Dance Showcase is supported by: Staropramen, General Partner of the Czech Centres, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the Arts and Theatre Institute (ATI), the British Council and Jet2.com, the Czech Dance Showcase official carrier.



































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