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Eva Koťátková at the Frieze Art Fair

The Czech Centre London is pleased to announce a participation of the Prague based gallery hunt kastner at the Frieze Art Fair. Hunt Kastner will be presenting a new work by Eva Kotatkova under the title Parallel Biography (Frame section), and an instalaltion Lost and Found by Eva Kotatkova & Petr Kotatko (Frieze Sculpture Park), both taking place between October 13 – 16, 2011.

Eva Kotatkova at the Frieze Art Fair
13 Oct 2011 - 16 Oct 2011

Regent's Park, London NW1 4NR

Eva Kotatkova’s work is an exploration of common social structures, with their specific rules and communication patterns, and the individual’s (often unsuccessful) attempt to fit into society. She focuses on situations of exclusion, isolation and social pre-determination, often connected with the idea of education as a tool of manipulation and control. Her working instruments include drawings, objects, photography and video, which she characteristically combines into intricate, large-scale installations that visualize rearranged social problems or proposed Utopian solutions. A growing archive of drawings often serves as blueprint for the creation of larger objects and enactment of alternative social scenarios.

The project Parallel Biography (2011) explores a condition known as ‘identity disorder’ through the fictive story of an individual who creates parallel identities as a way of coping with and defining his role in society. The mixed-media installation recreates the private world of a recluse, full of dreams and delusions, as well as systematic observations, records and imitations of the outside world. Drawings and projected images illustrate fictitious biographies and events that only exist in this person’s mind. The visitor is immersed in an imaginary world, which in equal parts resembles a dilapidated room, curiosity cabinet, identity database, storage closet and theatre stage.

Eva Kotatkova (born 1982, lives and works in Prague) studied at a number of universities from 2002 to 2008: the Prague Academy of Fine Arts, Prague Academy of Applied Arts, San Francisco Art Institute and the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. In 2007, she was awarded the Jindrich Chalupecky Award for young artists in the Czech Republic. Recent international exhibitions include the 2010 Liverpool Biennial and 2011 Lyon Biennale.

This event is organised in collaboration with hunt kastner gallery in Prague, and kindly supported by Techo UK.


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