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I would like to thank you for giving me the honour of participating in your event series – I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and I am glad to hear that it was received well by the audience.
....Michal and I discovered quite a few alignments between our research interests, and have agreed to explore opportunities for collaboration – this is all thanks to you! 
I look forward to attending more events that you organise in the future!"

Panagiotis Angeloudis
Senior Lecturer and Director of the Transport Systems and Logistics at Imperial College London
AI Science Café Series 2020: Mobility - is autonomous driving an answer to reducing traffic congestion in our cities? With Michal Čáp
25 February 2020 / Czech Embassy Cinema


"I think, presentation of Czech science, research and technology in the UK, Europe, in the world is very important because even though we don’t have that many Nobel Prize winners, the tradition of research, especially in AI, robotics, computer science and security, is very strong in the Czech Republic so the presentation is important. And second, any discussion across the topics – and here we made this good choice of mixing together couple of topics that relate to each other – is very important for the scientific and technological debate. So I sure think it’s a great project and it will be helping both, the scientists, as much as the Czech Republic abroad."

Professor Michal Pěchouček about AI Science Café Series 2020 organised by the Czech Centre London
AI Science Café Series 2020
29 January - 20 May 2020, Czech Centre & The Royal Institution


"It was a great pleasure to briefly meet you at the end of the extremely interesting presentation of 'Can a Machine Replace an Artist' and many congratulations for the organisation of such an interesting event."

Vassiliki Tzanakou, Director ARTinTRA
Science Café & Workshop: Can a Machine Replace an Artist? With Daniel Sýkora 
30 May 2019 / Czech Embassy Cinema


"I just wanted to provide a quick feedback on the event yesterday. I've found it extremely valuable - it was informative, yet never ceased to be entertaining.  Real-life episodes brought the everyday existence in totalitarian Czechoslovakia to life. 

With regards to the audience - I've expected a far more senior and predominantly Czech (or Slovak) audience, but was pleasantly surprised to see a number of young people many of whom have asked questions. This means you're promoting your events to a wider audience (or that news about your events are spreading via word of mouth).  
Content-wise, the level of engagement was a proof that history hasn't ceased to be relevant - and that parallels between "yesterday" and "today" do exist. 
Anyhow, your 2018 programme of events (particularly debates) is excellent - keep doing what you're doing!'

Slavka Bila
Revolution Begins at Home: The Women of Czech Dissent 
24 January 2019 / Czech Embassy Cinema, London