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"I just wanted to provide a quick feedback on the event yesterday. I've found it extremely valuable - it was informative, yet never ceased to be entertaining.  Real-life episodes brought the everyday existence in totalitarian Czechoslovakia to life. 
With regards to the audience - I've expected a far more senior and predominantly Czech (or Slovak) audience, but was pleasantly surprised to see a number of young people many of whom have asked questions.  This means you're promoting your events to a wider audience (or that news about your events are spreading via word of mouth).  
Content-wise, the level of engagement was a proof that history hasn't ceased to be relevant - and that parallels between "yesterday" and "today" do exist. 
Anyhow, your 2018 programme of events (particularly debates) is excellent - keep doing what you're doing!'

Slavka Bila
Revolution Begins at Home: The Women of Czech Dissent 
24 January 2019 / Czech Embassy Cinema, London


"It was a great pleasure to briefly meet you at the end of the extremely interesting presentation of 'Can a Machine Replace an Artist' and many congratulations for the organisation of such an interesting event."

Vassiliki Tzanakou, Director ARTinTRA
Science Café & Workshop: Can a Machine Replace an Artist? With Daniel Sýkora 
30 May 2019 / Czech Embassy Cinema