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A Blonde in Love - DVD release

A subtle and beautifully observed social satire which maintains a remarkable balance between despair and hope, A Blonde in Love is widely regarded as one of the great films of the 60s.

A Blonde in Love

(Lásky jedné plavovlásky)
A film by Miloš Forman
Czechoslovakia, 1965
Release date: 24 January 2011

BARCODE: 5 060114150485
RRP: £12.99 BBFC cert: 15
Feature: 81 minutes
Language: Czech Subtitles: English

"If I had to pick just one film, it would be A Blonde in Love" Ken Loach, Movie Heaven – The Guardian

1966 Oscar® Nomination / Best Foreign Language Film
Empire magazine / 100 Best Films of World Cinema
New York Times / Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made
1965 Venice Film Festival / CIDALAC Award

This bittersweet romance from Miloš Forman, the multiple Oscar-winning director of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Amadeus, unfolds as a sweetly seductive film but also provides a wry critique of life under totalitarianism. Forman is able to distil universal truths from the simplest of situations and present them with a sharp yet compassionate eye.

Aided by Miroslav Ondríček's wonderful camerawork, and with Ivan Passer (director of Intimate Lighting) as assistant and co-scriptwriter, the pleasures to be gained here are immense.

DVD Special features:
- Digitally re-mastered with newly restored picture and sound
- New and improved English subtitle translation
- 20-page booklet with a new appreciation by writer and film historian Michael Brooke.
"A Blonde in Love is a film on no account to be missed" Tom Milne, Financial Times

"A thing of low-key beauty" Empire
"A Blonde in Love is the most pleasurable and human film you'll see" John Mortimer, The Observer

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