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Scottish Literary Airdrop into the Heart of Europe

27 JUNE 2014 - In July 2014, 31 Scottish writers will be introduced to Central Europe, appearing in four different cities and three different countries. The event will most likely be one of the largest presentations of Scottish culture in this area in recent years.

Scottish writers willl be guests at the festival entitled Měsíc autorského čtení (Authors' Reading Month).
This literary festival was founded in 2000 and has since taken place in every July.
Every year the four participating cities – Brno, Ostrava (Czech Republic), Wrocław (Poland) and Košice (Slovakia) – host a number of Czech, Slovak and Polish writers; in addition, authors from a fourth country are invited each year to act as guests of honour. This year these guests have been chosen from the Scottish literary scene.
Each Scottish author will be doing four readings and travelling over 2000 kilometres. Several writers (16 in total) have also been selected by Czech and Slovak filmmakers for film portraits, which will later appear on Czech national television. Introducing each year’s guest of honour in the media has always been an inseparable part of the Authors’ Reading Month festival and this year is no exception – the visiting writers will be interviewed on television, radio and in printed and electronic media).


      Kirstin Innes, Alan Bissett, Sue Glover, Douglas Dunn, Peter Arnott, Ron Butlin, Morna Young, Richard Price, Nick Brooks, Liz Lochead, Nicola McCartney, Zoe Strachan, WN Herbert, Graham Masterton, KS Morgan McKean, Linda Cracknell, Doug Johnstone, Matthew Fitt, Jo Clifford, James Sutherland – Smith, Peter May, David Kinloch, Gerda Stevenson, Aonghas MacNeacail, Val McDermid, Ewan Morrison, Chris Hannan, Theresa Breslin, David Wishart, William Letford

      For further information about the festival and full list of all participating authors, please visit