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Five star review for Cirk La Putyka in Three Weeks!

''Batacchio' twists circus as you know it and uses music, humour and creativity to build a performance that brought delight and amazement to its audience. There's much that struck me about Cirk La Putyka's contemporary circus show, but the sheer fluidity of their movements is especially pleasing, with their skillful precision making the complex finale appear surprisingly delicate. From clowning, puppetry and magic to seesaws and aerial silks, much is packed in yet every move and gesture is beautifully choreographed; it all has its place in the show. The use of the space and even the lighting feel meticulously considered. Silly at times and breathtaking at others, this show is well worth catching on its short run in Edinburgh.' Daisy Malt (Three Weeks)

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Batacchio part of  Czech Showcase @ Fringe 2017 (#czechshowcase)
Czech Season in Scotland 2017   (#CzechSeasonScotland)