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Czech Designers Win London’s International Fashion Showcase 2016

23 FEBRUARY 2016 – Czech fashion designers from UMPRUM, headed by curator Pavel Ivančic, won the main prize at London’s Internation Fashion Showcase, which takes place each year as part of London Fashion Week. The Czech installation, titled ‘Last Fata Morgana’, was selected by a jury headed by leading style critic Sarah Mower. The exhibition, which was organized by Czech Centre London, runs to the 23rd February 2016. At the end of April, it will move to Prague, where it will be on display in expanded form at Galerie Smečky.

Czech Centre London is participating in the Internation Fashion Showcase for the third time. “This year’s victory pleasantly surprised us – we are delighted and, above all, this is motivation for us to systematically continue the support of young Czech designers in the UK,” said Tereza Porybná, director of CCL. The Czech Republic was picked out of 24 countries by a jury of experts in the fashion industry. “The jury unanimously agreed that the Czech installation clearly deserves our appreciation,” said Mandi Lennard, a jury member and founder of the renowned agency Mandi’s Basement. “What intrigued us was a pristine instillation, along with the work of unique designers. This victory helps us return the Czech Republic to the map of the fashion world,” stated Pavel Ivančic, who has led the Ateliér fashion studio at UMPRUM.

The International Fashion Showcase is held annually in collaboration with the British Council and the British Fashion Council (BFC). The exhibition titled Last Fata Morgana, organized by the Czech Centre in London, along with UMPRUM, and headed by curator Paul Ivancic, introduced seven talented designers: Tereza Rosalie Kladošová, Karolína Juříková, Monika Krobová, Sofya Samareva, Markéta Kratochvílová, and Filip Jakab and Antonín Šimon. The architect of the exhibition is Aleš Kachlík; the designer of the catalogue is Jiří Mocek, and the beautiful original photographs within the catalog were created by Karin Zadrick.

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Organizers: Czech Centre in London, UMPRUM

Partners: Lasvit, Galerie Smečky, Pilsner Urquell, Techo, Czech Tourism, and Modeschau, RadioWave.

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Last Fata Morgana installation, photo: Lucie Desmond

Hat by Sofya Samareva

Last Fata Morgana

Markéta Kratochvílová's jewellery

Tereza Porybná, Director of the Czech Centre London and
Pavel Ivančic, Curator, Director of UMPRUM’s Fashion Design Studio