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Czech Conversation Course - Summer 2017

Improve your Czech this summer with our conversation course! The focus of this courses is to improve students’ ability to express themselves in everyday situations. The emphasis is on development of students’ conversational skills. Class activities include dialogues, role-plays, pronunciation exercises and games.

Students should have completed course Beginners 1b, 1c or Lower Intermediate 1c or have equivalent knowledge.

2 – 23 August 2017
DURATION: 4 weeks
DAY & TIME: Wednesday, 6.30 – 8.30 pm
COST: 85 GBP (65 GBP concs) + 0.65 GBP booking fee
TUTOR: Ivona Klemensová


Meeting friends (talking about friends, arranging a meet up, going to cinema/ theatre/ pub/ restaurant, travelling by transport, buying tickets, menu and choosing food in restaurants)

Famous Czech people (describing people, talking about their typical day, interview with a famous person, small talk, formal and informal way of addressing people, ways of communication – telephone, email, letter)

Our free time (talking about hobbies, interests, how we like to relax, work-life balance, difference between how Czech and British people spend their free time)

Holidays in the Czech Republic (planning holidays, when we like to take our holidays, means of transport, time tables, buying tickets, asking for directions, places to visit in the Czech Republic, such as Český Krumlov, Litomyšl, Telč etc.)