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DG 307 in London

17 NOVEMBER 2014 - DG 307, a legend of Czech underground culture, will play in London for the first time ever as part of the Made in Prague festival organised by the Czech Centre. The concert not only presents an overview of the band's 40-year creative canon with late 1970s classics including the London recorded seminal track The Waste Land alongside more recent work, but also commemorates the 25th anniversary of the Czech Republic's Velvet Revolution.

8pm, Saturday 22nd November 2014 - Jazzlive at the Crypt, London 
  • DG 307 were the sound of free spirits in an unfree time,” Tom Stoppard    
  • DG 307 - co-founded by Mejla Hlavsa (Plastic People of the Universe) and dissident poet Pavel Zajíček - will present 70´s classics alongside new work as part of ‘Made in Prague’ Film and Music Festival

Founded in 1973 by two prominent figures of the Czech underground scene - poet Pavel Zajíček and Mejla Hlavsa of the Plastic People of the Universe - the band took its name from the code ‘DG 307’, given to mark diagnosis of temporary psychological disorder.

Regarded from the start as an outlandish musical entity creating sound collages accompanying Zajíček's haunting poetry, DG 307 were celebrated for their unique ritual-like live shows. Originally using almost exclusively non-musical instruments (irons, vacuum cleaners, radios), they were one of the first to pioneer the strong international trend of industrial music. Later, the band achieved its very specific musical sound by merging elements of psychedelic music, experimental rock and contemporary classic similarly to bands such as: The Coil, Can, Current 93, Velvet Underground, Harry Partch, etc. Together with the Plastic People, DG 307 were heavily persecuted by the regime and temporarily ceased to exist in 1980’s.

  Rock-and-Roll music was at the heart of the underground in Communist Czechoslovakia, and DG 307 was at the heart of rock-and-roll. It is the sound of free spirits in an unfree time,“ says Tom Stoppard, who visited the Czechoslovakia in the 1970´s and befriended Vaclav Havel and the Czech underground scene.

 Pavel Zajíček, who was imprisoned in 1976 and later forced to leave the country, spent his first year in exile in London where he cooperated with THIS HEAT and recorded a demo of T. S. Elliot´s The Waste Land in their notorious Cold Storage studio on a broken keyboard. Resurrected by Zajicek in the 90s DG 307 40 years remain mystical stars of the Czech alternative music scene. Their raw appeal is inseparable from Zajíček ́s powerful vocals and captivating, expressive lyrics, through which he constantly strives to “remain himself inside this mad frenzy”. 

 Although I've only recently discovered the music of DG 307, it's definitely a case of better late than never!,“ says Nick Luscombe of BBC Radio 3. „Their sound and energy is truly unique and uncompromising, and the more I hear, the more I'm intrigued. The London show promises to be quite special…“

 Alongside Zajíček (vocals) the band features several notable musicians, with Ivan Bierhanzl (bass), Ivan Manolov (guitar), Tomas Schilla (cello), Petr Fucik (drums) and the talented young multi-instrumentalist Tomas Vtipil (violin).

Further information about the band and their recordings can be found at:

Event information:

Jazzlive at the Crypt, St Giles Church, Camberwell Church Street, London, SE5 8RB
Saturday 22 Nov 2014 Doors open: 20:00
Box Office: 07791 873 183
Admission: £8/£5

EXTRACT FROM PEOPLE OF BLOOD / Pavel Zajíček (translation by Marek Tomin)

Come, let’s walk to the cliffs
I’ll teach you to leap and focus there
So the world’s peaks you come to know
Where coloured gasses flow

We’ll meet an old man with a whip
Lashing fluttering cruelty
In that precipitous ascent and flight
Unfathomable mystery will come to sight!

Part of Made in Prague Festival (17 October - 30 November 2014)

Supported by Stink Ltd.

Supported by Pilsner Urquell

DG307 - Pavel Zajíček, 1979

DG307, 1979