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DOK.Incubator Rough Cut Workshop Is Calling for Participants

DOK.Incubator, a unique workshop in Europe that provides individual mentorship for documentary projects from the rough cut stage to its release, is calling for participants for 2013! We are searching for artistic European documentaries aiming for a theatrical release and a wide international and festival life. The sophisticated editing and precise distribution strategy that DOK.Incubator provides its participants have proved to be a great opportunity for a documentary to be screened, sold and recognized worldwide… We invite the whole creative team (producer, director and editor) of a rough cut ready for the start of May 2013, more info and online submissions are available at www.dokincubator.net; DEADLINE: MARCH 5th 2013!

SUNDANCE DOCUMENTARY AWARD goes to a debut film from the DOK.Incubator´s workshop!

The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear, a low budget documentary, developed within the DOK.Incubator workshop, has just won the award for World Cinema Documentary Directing at the SUNDANCE Festival! For the Gurchiani sisters, was the first time both producing and directing a feature lenght documentary.

„Living for a long time in Europe, I wanted to return to Georgia and make a film about young people there. So I organised a casting – and suddenly I saw, that those faces have their own touching stories – and I decided to listen to them,“ describes Tinatin Gurchiani, the debuting documentarist, the very start of her road to the amazing success of this visually stunning movie. The film was developed within DOK.Incubator, workshop focused on editing and distribution, that provides an individual tutoring for documentary projects from the rough cut stage to their release. After a half year of intensive work, The Machine… achived sophisticated editing and a precise distribution strategy, helping them to approach the prestigious sales agency, Deckert Distribution, and achieve international distribution. Their road to success started with their premiere at DOK Leipzig Young Competition and finished with the most prestigious international competition at Sundance.

The DOK.Incubator project has been launched in 2012 by a creative think-tank DocIncubator (CZ), DOK.Leipzig festival (DE) and the Institute of Documentary Film (CZ) , in cooperation with the Association of Independent Producers (SK) and Centrala Filmproduction (PL). After the first edition, beside DOK Leipzig and Sundance, two participant films have competed also at IDFA, CPH:DOX and they participate soon in MoMA´s Documentary Fortnight.

More information about the workshop you can find at www.dokincubator.net                DEADLINE for the 2013 edition is  March 5th.