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How to Look at Everything

3 MARCH 2012 - 31 MARCH 2012, 21 WOODLANDS TERRACE, GLASGOW G3 6DF. The exhibition brings together a selection of outstanding film and video works by four international artists; Zbynek Baladran, Simon Martin, Nick Relph and Falke Pisano. The exhibition presents a group of works that combine narrative structures with the documentary format, exploring the very nature of looking and understanding.

Czech artist Zbynek Baladran acts as an archaeologist of knowledge, unearthing images, fragments and narratives from his country’s past. His video Working Process, 2004, is made from a collection of archive film footage from 1957-88 edited into a work that tells a partial history of Czechoslovakia alongside the story of the film’s own making. The apparently random selection of footage and partially obscured subtitles provide fragments of a narrative, whilst suggesting a purposeful censorship or arbitrary filtration of history and time.

Other participating artist:

London-based British artist Simon Martin’s work reflects upon material culture. He is interested in how we understand ourselves through social structures, mythologies and collective memory evidenced in art objects, mass media and the built environment.

New York-based British artist Nick Relph’s work often deals with the representational problems of different media.

Berlin-based Dutch artist Falke Pisano’s work examines the relationship between our physical and theoretical understanding of objects and ideas. Through texts and spoken word she creates a densely woven web of subjective descriptions and reflections.

Tuesday – Saturday 12 noon – 5pm, until 7pm on Thursdays and Fridays, and by appointment.

More information at: http://www.thecommonguild.org.uk/2012/01/zbynek-baladran-simon-martin-nick-relph-and-falke-pisano/