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Jakub Matuska: Tree Growing from His Ear

VISUAL ART, 3 MAY 2012 - 13 MAY 2012, RED GALLERY, 3 RIVINGTON STREET, LONDON EC2. After Jakub’s London debut at Brick Lane’s Bodhi Gallery in 2007, this talented painter now brings his second solo show to the newest East London cultural hub – the RED Gallery. Jakub Matuska, aka Masker, is currently considered to be one of the most interesting Czech painters of his generation. His work is enriched by the expressive elements of street art, but it is also influenced by the creations of the master painters, especially from the Surrealist period. In 2011, Jakub won 333, the major Czech national young artist award.

PRIVATE VIEW, THURSDAY 3rd May 2012, from 7pm

 The show at Red Gallery will be his first large-scale solo show since his sell out event at the Dvorak-Sec Gallery in Prague. Later this year he will be exhibiting in the National Gallery in Prague.




Jakub Matuska aka Masker

Masker’s past lies within the graffiti and street art scene of Eastern Europe. Although this was an important part of his formative years, this serves as only one crucial aspect for an artist whose body of work resolutely refuses to be pigeonholed.






With ‘Tree Growing From His Ear’, Masker presents us with an unstable, dynamic and constantly evolving world, in which ideological and pictorial perspectives keep on shifting to reach a seeming plateau but leave one constantly on one’s toes – trees start growing out of one’s ears, or one’s sense of scale fractures, one’s gaze turns a corner, all of a sudden to arrive beneath a scorching sun or a blistering night sky. A fragmentation that reveals moments of loss of focus and familiarity into distant times and spaces…





In his new work, Masker questions the borders of sensuality. The artist’s internal dispute between the denial and acceptance of the traditional rules of painting provides a dialectical energy, a point of friction that pushes the artist’s work onto to constantly new territories. 


For further information on Red Gallery contact:

Yarda Krampol, yarda@redgallerylondon.com, 07880638524