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Katerina Seda: That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles

11 JUNE 2011 - 17 JULY 2011; CUBITT GALLERY, 8 ANGEL MEWS, LONDON, N1 9HH. Czech artist Katerina Seda will show the fourth step of her ongoing project Neda se svitit at Cubitt Gallery. Seda's work takes the form of imaginative yet strangely pragmatic solutions to the social problems of specific communities, working with people on drawings and shared actions.

Over the last few years a Hyundai car factory has been built in fields at the centre of Nosovice in the Czech Republic. It has divided the town socially and geographically. A short walk to a neighbour’s house now takes 4 times as long around the factory’s circular perimeter. Seda set herself the task of re-uniting the townspeople through the problem itself: the town’s new circular pattern around the central blind spot. The project could continue throughout the artist’s life.

For step one (No Light) she asked the townspeople “to picture yourself standing within the premises of the Hyundai automobile plant and draw everything you see around it,” while literally standing within skirt-like circular canvases. The canvases were embroidered and exhibited as tablecloths on an assemblage of shared round tables.

For step two (Too Late in the Day) she asked them to draw what they thought should go in the middle of the town on everyday circular objects. Many drew water, which led Seda to visualise the town as an island.

For step three (No Way) she has asked inhabitants of Sicily to draw a third circular layer imagining Nosovice from the outside as an island surrounded by water.

The fourth step, still in development and to be shown at Cubitt, will find another shared perspective for the townspeople to reconsider their situation from.