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Kupka al Fresco (street art)

13 APRIL - 9 SEPTEMBER 2012, ISLINGTON CITY ROAD BASIN, LONDON N1 8GJ. A series of three street art pieces celebrating the Olympics by Czech artists Point and Pasta Oner, and UK artist Inkie, are displayed on the wall along the popular canal footpath leading to Stratford, the site of the London 2012 Olympic Park. Inspired by the 1912 painting: Amorpha, Fugue in Two Colours, by Frantisek Kupka, the work acknowledges the collaboration between young people, artists and communities brought about by London 2012 and Czech Open 2012.

The work will celebrate the collaboration between young people, artists and communities brought about by London 2012 and Czech Open 2012. Further ideas will be developed from the 1912 painting: Amorpha, Fugue in Two Colours, by Frantisek Kupka, which in 2012, its centenary year, has inspired the design style of the Czech Olympic Team’s outfits.



Point is a Czech graffiti and street artist born in 1978 in Prague where he lives and works. At the age of 15, he painted his first graffiti piece and one year later he finished his first panel of works. In 2000 he visited New York, the birthplace of graffiti, where he virtually put himself on the map of world-class graffiti art with several street art pannels. In 2001, he  pushed the boundaries of graffiti art when he established himself as the first plastic 3D graffiti artist in the world.
In 2006 he graduated from the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

Zdenek Randa, aka Pasta Oner, is one of the Czech pop art artists with undeniable roots in street art and graffiti which are apparent in his work and make it unique. He was born in 1979 in Slovakia and since early childhood has lived in the Czech Republic, where he also graduated from the School of Graphic Art in Prague. In 2001, he was the first to introduce street art, posters and stickers in the Czech Republic. His large scale murals and in silk-screen posters, with which he regularly  inundated the streets of Prague,  have a distinctive and unmistakable style, drawing inspiration from Warhol, Oldenburg,  Koons and the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. In 2002 he set up a silk-screen print shop and he keeps using this technique in a part of his work. He contributed to the books “In Graffiti We Trust” and “Streetart Praha” and since 2007 he is the publisher and chief editor of the Clique Magazine.
Together with Point he had a radio program about graffiti and street art (the first and only of its kind). In 2010 he represented the Czech Republic at the World Expo in Shanghai.
He currently focuses on acrylic painting on canvas and the creation of objects, while occasionally painting large scale murals. After eight years of regularly exhibiting in galleries at home and abroad he has recently had his first solo exhibition named “Peep Show”.


Inkie is a London based painter and street artist originally form Clifton, Bristol, often cited as a part of Bristol graffiti heritage alongside 3D and Banksy. Inkie began working as part of Crime Incorporated Crew (CIC) in 1983, along with Felix and Joe Braun.He was one of many arrested in 1989 during "Operation Anderson", the UK's largest ever graffiti bust. He arranged 1998's Walls On Fire event with Banksy, on the site of the future At-Bristol centre. Inkie has since worked as head of design for SEGA, Xbox, and currently resides in Jade Jagger's west London studio. He is an in-house artist and designer for prints, illustrations, and clothing. His inspirations spread from Mayan architecture, William Morris and Alfons Mucha to Islamic geometry. In August 2011, Inkie was named as the organiser of a major street art event in Bristol called See No Evil, which involved painting buildings of the entire Nelson Street in the city centre by a large number of international graffiti artists. Inkie was one artist present to do live painting at the launch of Banksy's book Bristol: Home Sweet Home.  He teaches art and graphic design to young children and college students and exhibits wordlwide.

Photos: arcive of Czech Centre London

Photo by Pasta Oner