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Letter from the Czech Centre Director





Dear friends and partners of the Czech Centre London,

The last few weeks of the coronavirus outbreak has brought unprecedented challenges and the impetus to reconsider our usual modus operandi which we so often take for granted. But it is also at times like these that we get an opportunity to show true leadership, solidarity and personal responsibility.

As this outbreak has inevitably impacted the Czech Centre’s public activities, pushing them further ahead, I would like to share with you how we have transferred our cultural, educational and scientific programme online and into the digital realm. I strongly believe that thanks to modern technology we can still deliver wonderful cultural and intellectual content through various streaming and podcast platforms. For example you can access audio recordings of the AI Science Café Series. I’m also very pleased that the Czech Centre London is supporting the #CzechCultureToTheWorld project thanks to which we will be able to bring you many online cultural events in the future.

Last year we celebrated the 30th anniversary of the fight for, and commitment to, individual freedom, democracy and solidarity, which in some aspects is similar to today’s challenges. As we are not long into the new year we think you will still enjoy a brief audio-visual recollection of the more than 100 public events and programmes that we presented in London and across the whole of Britain.

Finally, I’m honored and delighted that as part of the development of the Czech Centre's governance I can announce the formation of The Advisory Board. The aim of the Board, which consists of leading Czech and British personalities in the areas of culture, art, science and innovation and education, is to provide guidance and advice to safeguard our programme’s excellence and to contribute to the Czech Centre’s further growth.

I’m confident that we will emerge from these perilous times stronger, enriched by both challenging experiences and new digital and inspirational cultural encounters.  

Stay safe and well, in good spirits and of course connected.


Přemysl Pela
Director of Czech Centre London