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MADE IN PRAGUE: Hommage to Vojtěch Jasný continues with his exile films

10 & 26 NOVEMBER 2015 - After Vojtěch Jasný’s triple bill of his Cannes Film Festival winning films: Desire, When the Cat Comes and All My Good Countrymen, which were screened in Regent Street Cinema on Saturday 7 November, we are now looking forward to the screenings of his two exile films.

After the chronicle of forced collectivization, All My Good Countrymen, was banned “forever” by the communists following the 1968 Russian invasion, Vojtěch Jasný, no longer allowed to make films, went into exile. He worked in Austria and West Germany for the public television companies ORF and ZDF mainly on literary adaptations such as Thomas Bernhard’s Kulterer (1974) and The Life of the Schizophrenic Poet Alexander März (1975), scripted by Heinar Kipphardt, a leading exponent of post war documentary theatre.

Tue 10 November, 7 pm
Goethe Institut, London
Admission: £3 / free for language students and library members

This highly acclaimed TV production focuses on the life and suffering of the eponymous März, who, diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, spends long periods in a psychiatric institution against which he rebels with small acts of refusal and poetry. Based on real reports and testimonies, the film is a visceral critique of a repressive psychiatry and of the oppression of individuality, scripted by Heinar Kipphardt, who worked in a psychiatric hospital before becoming a leading exponent of post war documentary theatre.
Vojtěch Jasný / West Germany / 1975 / 115 min / Engl. subt.
With Ernst Jacobi / Michael Hinz / Rudolf Wessely

Thu 26 November, 7 pm
Austrian Kultural  Forum, London
Admission free
booking: office@acflondon.org

An adaptation of Thomas Bernhard's short story of the same name originally produced for Austrian television and starring the celebrated Austrian actor Helmut Qualtinger in the lead role of the prisoner, Hans Fabian Kulterer. Respected in jail as a writer of short stories, Kulterer sees his prison as a place of self-fulfillment. In contrast with the other inmates, incarceration doesn't break him, on the contrary - it provides him with the time to write.
Vojtěch Jasný / Austria & Germany / 1974 / 77 min / Engl. subt.

Made in Prague: Hommage to Vojtěch Jasný
Celebrating the 90th birthday and achievements of an outstanding Czech filmmaker who has had a profound influence on films like Edgar Reitz's Heimat and Michael Haneke's The White Ribbon, the season pays a tribute to his work. Starting with a triple bill of his three Cannes Film Festival winners at the Regent Street Cinema, it presents Jasný’s key films from his 50+ portfolio shot in Czechoslovakia, Austria, West Germany, USA and Canada, demonstrating the width and diversity of his filmmaking and his distinctive auteur flavour, poetic style and spiritual values.
Part of Made in Prague Film Festival, 3 – 29 November 2015

The Made in Prague Festival is organised by the Czech Centre in collaboration with the Regent Street Cinema, the Goethe-Institut London, the Austrian Cultural Forum and Bertha DocHouse, with support of the Moravian Gallery, Brno, Prof. Jiří Voráč, Ph. D., the Department of Film Studies, Masaryk University, Brno and the School of Modern Languages, University of Bristol.