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Meanwhile in Edinburgh: The Second Week of the Czech Showcase @ Fringe 2015

21 AUGUST 2015 – The excellent ride of the Czech performing arts continues…

One of the best characteristics of this year’s Fringe has been great weather with the sun shining down upon us since day one.
It seems that all the Fringe veterans have kept their umbrellas in their picnic baskets while lying around the Meadows park in between shows. Last Friday, however, the sky over Edinburgh finally got cloudy and the unexpectedly sunny whether got pushed out by the Scottish evergreen – the rain.
The sun has not stopped shining on the Czech Showcase, though, as the success of our shows continues, with 5-star reviews and happy audiences vehemently clapping at the end of every performance.

On Saturday morning the joyful crew of VerTeDance accepted their Herald Angel Award in the Festival Theatre. It is the third time in a row that a Czech show received this highly regarded award, illustrating the phenomenal success that the Czech ensembles have met at Fringe in the past few years.
At the Czech Centre London we are all very proud to have been the organisers of the Czech Showcase at Fringe, helping Czech ensembles to present their work to amateur and professional audiences from around the world for the past three years.

Meanwhile, the enormous head masks from the Spitfire Company show ‘Antiwords’ have become one the most visual symbols of the festival, as the performers like to wear them off the stage and in the streets; while Dolls by Cirk La Putyka has become a most sought-after show at the festival in the past two weeks.

In Southside is still possible to catch people sharing their memories of the “Czech party”, a great night in the magnificent building of Summerhall that we organised last Sunday together with our partner Aurora Nova and sponsor Budweiser Budvar. Our thanks also goes to the fabulous Clarinet Factory whose music inspired the dancers to move in a way that was denying the laws of gravity.

The second week has ended with the announcement of the Total Theatre Awards nominations, with nominees including Correction by VerTeDance, Antiwords by Spitfire Company and Boys Who Like to Play with Dolls by Tereza Ondrova and Pavel Savel. 

And we still have one more week to go. Fingers crossed there’ll be even more happy audiences and fantastic reviews before we say goodbye to Edinburgh for another year!