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Meanwhile in Edinburgh: The First Week of the Czech Showcase @ Fringe 2015

14 AUGUST 2015 - Sold out shows, brilliant reviews and one very quirky cirkus prank on the brink of law. The first week of the Edinburgh festival Fringe 2015 has been anything but boring.

Czech performers have shown a great deal of courage and racy sense of humour, not limiting their bold actions solely to the theatre stage. The most attention-provoking act of them all  happened on Friday in the middle of the busy Edinburgh street when Josa & Bellina, two wonderful acrobats from Cirk La Putyka, performed their trapeze stunt right above the roofs of passing cars, greatly astonishing  all the eyewitnesses. By performing the daring stunt from the top of the George IV. Bridge in the central Edinburgh La Putyka managed not only to get immediate media attention, but they also shocked the almost shock-resistant Edinburgh theatre-loving public.

A certain whimsical quality seems to connect all the Czech shows, and is mentioned throughout the glowing reviews of the wonderful Antiwords performed by Spitfire Company. It seems like Havel’s deep sense of absurdity and the original protagonists’ charismatic vulgarity, performed by two gorgeous gradually drunk female dancers, speaks to the international audiences as well as it does at home.

VerTeDance, a successful Fringe veteran faced the challenge of ‘a big-expectations’. But once again, the show with dancers glued to the floor, who despite their inability to move dance like they fight for life, is as funny as it is radical. The sold out reruns of the show Correction by VerteDance as well as the one of their colleagues Tereza Ondrova & Peter Šavel has only proven that the Czech season has been incredibly fruitful this year.

Whatever you might think of Cirk La Putyka‘s risky street action, the truth is that the Czechs ensembles have been performing incredibly fearless theatre and the Czech Centre London is their proud partner. 

Czech Showcase @ Fringe 2015

VerTeDance in Edinburgh