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New bilingual booklet on contemporary Czech literature released

4 MARCH 2015 - The Czech Ministry of Culture has published a new bilingual booklet on contemporary Czech literature. The publication 'New Czech Fiction' is being published in English and German for the fourth time.

The latest edition contains profiles of fifty books, including prose, poetry, essays, comics and literature for children and young adults, published between October 2013 and October 2014. “Is it not too great an ambition for a country with only one Nobel laureate in literature?,” ask the authors in the introduction. “If culture is the essential characteristic by which we can distinguish and identify ourselves in a more and more unified and uniform world, then this is one of the first-rate routes. This is an invitation to journalists, teachers, translators, publishers, and all the others who are interested in the Czech Republic and its literature.” New Czech Fiction 2013/2014 / Neue tschechische Belletristik 2013/2014 was written and compiled by Radim Kopáč and Jakub Šofar. The volume was translated into English by Tomáš Míka and Lisette Allen and into German by Christina Frankenberg.