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New Leadership at Czech Centre London

After six very busy and successful years, our current director Tereza Porybná is finishing her mission on Thursday 31st January. Her successor, Mr Přemysl Pela, will resume the position in London as of April 2019.

Tereza has been leading the centre since 2013 with her main focus being the support of visual arts, performing arts, design and fashion. Together with her team she has organized over six hundred events introducing tens of thousands of viewers to contemporary Czech culture. Among her main successes are four award-winning showcases of Czech dance and theatre at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, several award-winning presentations of Czech fashion at the International Fashion Showcase, numerous solo exhibitions of young Czech artists in prestigious UK galleries, and launching the Vitrínka and Bouda galleries in South Kensington.

My time at the Czech Centre London has been a truly splendid ride and an incredible professional and personal experience, which I will cherish forever.“ says Tereza who is looking forward to a bit of rest and new professional challenges.

Přemysl Pela was educated in the University of Wisconsin and Ostrava's University, also studied at New York University, Business School Michigan University and last but by no means least, at Civil Management College in London.

In the past Přemysl also lead the Czech Centre New York. Přemysl will enrich the Czech Centre with his vast experience from the private and academic sectors. He worked – among others - for the Charles University's CERGE-EI Institute and the Czech Academy of Sciences. In the private sector he held various top managerial roles in international companies with world-wide reach. Prior to his appointment he headed the Strategy and Innovation Department at the Czech Centre's HQ in Prague and developed a successful touring exhibition presenting achievements of Czech science in a delightfully innovative form.

Přemysl says: "Czech Centre London initiates the cultural dialogue between United Kingdom and Czech Republic, while supporting the cultural understanding and inventiveness. I would love to support the cultural diplomacy by activities in science, innovation and modern technologies while creating new opportunities for co-operation of science, academic sector and the private one equally too. Brexit, no matter in whatever shape or form it will end up eventually, will create new space and challenges for Czech Centre to expand its bilateral activities."

Tereza Porybná
Přemysl Pela