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New Wave Photography

18 FEBRUARY 2012 - 26 FEBRUARY 2012, THE CRYPT GALLERY, ST PANCRAS CHURCH, EUSTON ROAD, LONDON NW1 2BA. Emerging talent from Central and Eastern Europe is due to arrive at a dynamic exhibition which travels around Europe. Czech Republic is represented by Adela Vosickova who brings from Prague her self-portrait made through another person’s gestures. Selected people spoke the artist’s name "Adela Vosickova" while pressing their lips against the photographic paper after using lip balm. The photographs show traces of their lips movements. The work was created by using black and white photographic material.

The atmospheric catacombs of St.Pancras Church, Euston, venue of the gallery, hosts 11 young photographers from 6 countries: Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and the Czech Republic. The exhibition demonstrates a high-level of technical ability as well as bold experimentation.
New Wave Photography challenges the perception of Eastern European photography by displaying vibrant, experimental work that celebrates the youthfulness of the artists themselves.

All photographs shown at the Crypt Gallery are available to purchase during the exhibition. Photographs including extended portfolios are also available to buy through United Creativity’s website:  www.unitedcreativity.org

Admission free.