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Czech Films in June and July

Check out our film newsletter for June and July 2015. Feature films, documentaries, shorts and experimental films - there is something for everyone!

Czech Conversation Course at the Czech Centre

ENROLMENT DEADLINE: 22 JUNE 2015. After last year’s success, the Czech Centre opens another Czech Conversation Course this summer. The focus of the course will be to improve students' ability to...

Martin Blažíček in London

20 JUNE 2015, LONDON. Czech video and filmmaker and an audiovisual performance artist Martin Blažíček is coming to London to talk about Czech Underground Cinema of the 80s at Open City Documentary...

Micro Translation Competition

10 JUNE 2015 - Jantar publishing want catchy titles for two of their new books to be published this autumn. The two books are Michal Viewgh’s “Báječná léta pod psa” and Anotnín Bajaja’s “Na krásná...

The Žítková Goddesses (Žítkovské bohyně) by Kateřina Tučková at Liars’ League

9 JUNE 2015, 7.30 PM, THE PHOENIX, LONDON. Writers write, actors read, audience listens, everybody wins. That’s the motto of Liars’ League, the award-winning, globe-straddling short story night which...

A History of Light (Dějiny světla) by Jan Němec at ELN Translation Pitch

4 JUNE 2015, 7 PM, FREE WORD CENTRE, LONDON. Eight enthralling books by contemporary European writers which have not yet been translated into English will be pitched live to an audience and expert...

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