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Point: Casa Nostra (visual art)

26 JUNE - 12 AUGUST 2012, 10 AM - 6 PM, BUSINESS DESIGN CENTRE, 52 UPPER STREET, LONDON N1 0QH. Originally created for the Czech exhibition at EXPO 2008 in Shanghai by Czech artist Point, Casa Nostra is a visually striking installation consisting of a miniature housing development in which the houses are pierced by a red pipe reminiscent of an urban octopus stretching its tentacles and symbolizing life as it progresses from one window to another, reproducing itself. This is a take on the London Festival of Architecture’s 2012 theme ‘The Playful City’.

Jan Kalab (aka ‘Point’) is a leading Czech graffiti artist known for dynamic compositions with playful colouring who also intervenes in urban space with his 3D sculptures. His street art piece in the Kupka al Fresco series can be seen at the City Road Basin area in Islington until September.

This project is part of the British Council’s International Architecture and Design Showcase 2012 (21 June-23 September); a global gathering of cultural projects that investigate architecture and design from across the world, presented for the London 2012 Festival.