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1 DECEMBER 2011 - 4 DECEMBER 2011, SCIENCE MUSEUM, EXHIBITION ROAD, LONDON SW7 2DD. Imagine a world where robots are part of everyday life. Do you wish you had domestic help from a robot? Would you play with a pet robot? Could a robot talk to you and share your feelings? Fancy meeting your robot self face to face? All will be revealed at the Science Museum’s Robotville where a whole range of amazing robots from around the world will be on display to educate, surprise and fascinate. The Czech Republic will be represented by a metal figurine of a unique original of Karel Capek’s Robot and a brand new Robot Advee, a hi-tech innovation in the area of multimedia presentation and POP advertising.

Science Museum’s RobotvilleEU will play host to over 20 unique robots, many of which have just come out of European research labs and will be on show to the British public for the first time. The exhibition is divided into six zones; with a range of domestic robots, swarming robots, swimming robots, exploring robots, and humanoid robots on show. Roboticists, from the UK and Europe, will also be on hand to demonstrate their work and talk to visitors.


Admission free.

More information at:  www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/robotville
Tel:0870 870 4868