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Support the Fashion in Film Festival on Kickstarter!

Fashion in Film Festival just launched a Kickstarter campaign to support their 10th Anniversary season. The festival is the foremost film festival of its kind internationally, based at University of the Arts, London and curated by the eminent cinema historian Tom Gunning and the festival director Marketa Uhlirova.

They have lined up an ambitious programme for this year, including an exhibition and some 28 events, with fantastic speakers and some true archival gems. Among them also Ikarie XB-1, Czech science-fiction masterpiece from 1963 by Jindřich Polák.

Unfortunatelly, the programme is in danger due to a dire funding landscape in the UK and so the festival needs your help!

Check the Fashion in Film Festival Kickstarter campaign here:

Please donate, if you can, even in a small way.

There are lovely gifts as rewards to the benefactors including festival pass (in limited edition), high-end prints and a tote bag designed by the amazing Eley Kishimoto.

Ikarie XB-1