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Surviving Life

2 DECEMBER 2011 - 15 DECEMBER 2011. INSTITUTE OF CONTEMPORARY ARTS, THE MALL, LONDON SW1Y 5AH. Jan Svankmajer's latest movie which is considered one of the warmest and funniest of his career. Eugene, seemingly content in his marriage and mundane career, finds himself repeatedly dreaming of a mysterious beautiful woman. Seeking the help of a psychoanalyst to explain this phenomenon he finds himself increasingly torn between his erotic dream life and the waking world.

Jan Svankmajer, 2010, Czech with English subtitles, 105 mins
Cast: Václav Helsus. Klára Issová and Zuzana Krónerová


Admission: £10 / £8 concessions / £7 ICA Members

For more information and screening times visit: http://www.ica.org.uk/30936/Film/Surviving-Life.html