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The Tap Tap (live music)

21 JULY 18.30 PM, JERWOOD HALL, ST. LUKE'S, 161 OLD STREET, LONDON EC1V 9NG. A stunning performance by students and graduates from the Prague-based Jedlička Institute, one of the largest groups of disabled musicians in the world. The work of these enthusiastic musicians is characterised by anarchic energy, joy and humour revealed through original arrangements. The repertoire will feature special guests with their own compositions, as well as arrangements of music by Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, Iggy Pop, Amy Winehouse, David Koller, Marek Eben and Roman Holý. Tickets are 5 GBP (2 concs.)

Tickets are 5 GBP, 2 GBP concs.
Tickets are available at https://tickets.lso.co.uk/selectseatblock.asp

In thirteen years of existence The Tap Tap produced over 400 performances in music festivals, social and charit ative events
including sold-out concer ts in Rudolfinum and the S tate Opera in Prague.

The profit of The Tap Tap finances operation of the educational centre STUDEO. Its objective is to support individual development
of persons with physical handicap and helps them incr ease their chances on labour mar ket.

More information about the band can be found at www.thetaptap.cz


Video-clip to the song „Bus dri ver“ (4´58”)
The latest shooting of The Tap Tap with hosting singers Vojta Dyk, Xindl X and Dan Bárta.
The song was inspired by band´s drummer´s story from the public transportation.

Documentary on „4Chrrr“ music rec ording (3´29”)
Documentary on „4Chrrr“ music recording in SONO RECORDS.

Documentary on shoo ting „4Chrrr“ (3´09”)
Documentary on „4Chrr“ song chooting in SONO RECORDS studio.

The Tap Tap in the opera (6´09”)
Short documentary directed by Radovan Síbrt on the member s´preparations of the f irst
annual St. Nicolas concer t in the S tate Opera in Prague.

The Tap Tap (26´00”)
Documentary by Zora Cejnková from the Czech television.