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Victoria Ensemble at Handel Singing Competition

Czech vocal and instrumental Victoria Ensamble led by Viktorie Dugranpere takes part at this year’s Handel Singing Competition, which is presented as part of the annual London Handel Festival.

Viktoria Enmable is a body of professional singers and musicians and it focuses on a historicaly informed interpretation of 16th – 18 th century music. The ensemble always drew attention for its uniquely dramaturgically developed performances, which were accompanied by a display of recycled baroque costumes, theatrical inputs or dance insertions.The ensamble renews premieres of old works, draws up unusual projects and brings up compositions seldom performed or vastly forgotten. Viktoria Ensamble presents itself regularly within Czech and foreign festivals and concert cycles. In April 2018 they represented Czech culture within Sharjah Heritage Days festival in United Arab Emirates. www.victoria-ensemble.com

The Handel Singing Competition (HSC) has been held annually since 2002 with Ian Partridge and James Bowman as the first adjudicators. The HSC has since grown and there are now over 120 applications each year. The 2019 Competition comprises a First Round at Craxton Studios in north London from 6-9 February (although it is possible to send in sound files at this stage if you are not able to attend), followed by a live Semi-Final of approximately 12-15 singers, which is open to the public and held at Grosvenor Chapel on Tuesday 5 March. The live Final (with 5 or 6 singers) is held at St George's, Hanover Square on Saturday 6 April and the finalists are accompanied by the London Handel Orchestra, conducted by Laurence Cummings. More information about the festival