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Czech Jazz Nights at the Spice of Life: Vít Křišťan Trio

16 SEPTEMBER 2014 - The Vít Křišťan Trio, consisting of Vít Křišťan (piano), Jaromír Honzák (double bass) and Roman Vícha (drums) is coming to London to introduce their debut album Imprints. The album, with Czech, Scandinavian, Polish and American influences, was recorded by Vít Křišťan after finishing his studies in Poland and Denmark and some of the pieces were composed during his stay in New York. It’s a multigenre album also influenced by contemporary jazz as well as classical music with lively instrumental and vocal compositions.

Doors open at 6 pm, music starts at 8 pm
Tickets: £8.00 + £0.80 Booking fee = £8.80 available here


Imprints - clip

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