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Young Translators' Competition - Results

16 APRIL 2014 - The Czech Centres in cooperation with Literary Section of the Arts Institute in Prague organised a translators' competition on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the birth of writer Bohumil Hrabal (1914-1997). The competition for young translators under 35 years of age intended to support and promote Czech literature home and abroad. Results of the British participation in the competition were announced on 10 April at the public discussion celebrating the publication of David Short's translation of Bohumil Hrabal's Rambling On: An Apprentice's Guide to the Gift of the Gab. Sincere congratulations to the UK winner Frances Jackson who also joined us on the day.

By the closing date in February this year a total of 138 translators entered the competition from Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium (Flemish), the Ukraine, Belarus, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Russia, Bulgaria, Japan, Poland and Austria. Young translators translated Hrabal's texts that were not translated into the relevant language before. Individual selection committee, composed of scholars, translators and publishers, selected 12 winners who will be awarded a three-day stay in Prague with a special programme.

During their stay in Prague between 14 and 17 May the winning translators will participate in an intensive programme focused on the personality of Bohumil Hrabal and, more generally, Czech literature.They will meet with Hrabal's friend Tomas Mazal, explore Prague in the footsptes of Bohumila Hrabal, visit the European Literature Night in Prague and the International Book Fair Book World, among other activities.

The winners' names and titles of translated texts
Belarus - Svetlana horns (Weird People)
Bulgaria - Vyara Ritz (Kafkárna)
Italy - Elena Zuccolo (One Working Day)
Japan - Junko Shimada (Boring Afternoon)
Netherlands and Belgium (Flemish) - Petr Hora (White Horse)
Poland - Maciej hundredweight (Artificial Fate + My Childhood Friends)
Austria - Nina Kostal (The November hurricane)
Russia - Galina Grajeva (Boring Afternoon)
Federal Republic of Germany - Daniela Pusch (Pearls of the Deep)
Spain - Montserrat Tutusaus Romeu (what's left)
Ukraine - Iryna Zabiiaka (Weird People)
Great Britain - Frances Jackson (Fallen Trees in the Forest)

The project includes the following Centres : Berlin / Munich, Brussels, The Hague, Kiev (incl. Belarus), London, Madrid, Milan, Moscow, Sofia, Tokyo, Warsaw and Vienna.

Project support : Czech Literature Portal, Embassy of Czech Republic in the Federal Republic of Germany, Embassy of Czech Republic in the Republic of Belarus, the Austrian Cultural Forum, the Cervantes Institute, Russian Centre of Science and Culture, the Bulgarian Cultural Institute, Book World Prague Information Service, a publisher CzechTourism Young Front.