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23 Apr 2020

420People: The Watcher

How do we cope with modern technologies that are slowly but surely suppressing the essence of being human?

The answer is The Watcher, a dance performance produced by the contemporary dance group 420PEOPLE and accompanied by the rock band Please The Trees.

420PEOPLE, the name of which represents the international Czech dialling code, is a dance ensemble established in Prague in late 2007/early 2008. The group is currently operating on both the Czech and international scenes, under the leadership of Václav Kuneš. It is a collective of artists who assert the values of exceptional quality of performance and professionalism, and whose creations are brimming with playfulness and courage.

Their latest piece, The Watcher, choreographed by Václav Kuneš himself, draws attention to the issue of the influence of modern technologies on our lifestyle. In today’s busy world, where places with no reception drive us insane instead of bringing us peace, and the idea of a perfect date is to “Netflix and chill”, we often forget to tend to our well-being. This thrilling dance piece celebrates the most advanced technology in the world – our own bodies.

Watch a video recording of the full performance on the stage of the La Fabrika Theatre HERE.







23 Apr 2020


420 People

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