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8 Sep 2020 - 8 Oct 2020

Competition: Create a 3D card of an Adolf Loos villa and win a prize

Become a designer as part of the Adolf Loos / Pioneer of Modern Living series and win an original Czech design product. Be creative by making a 3D card featuring one of the famous Adolf Loos villas, using a predesigned template by Tereza Hradilkova of Porigami.cz. Add your own artistic features such as facade motifs or the villa´s inhabitants to a folded card featuring designs of the Villa Müller or the Winternitz Villa and send it to someone that you would like to introduce to the revolutionary work of Adolf Loos. All you need is a printer, an A4 size card (120 – 160 g), a craft knife / scissors, a ruler and a creative attitude. Just download the card’s template and follow our video guide. Both children and adults are welcome to participate.

The Czech Centres will select the best cards which will be presented on the Adolf Loos facebook page on 9th October and the winner of the competition will receive an original Czech design product. Email photographs of your card to loos@czech.cz by 7th October 2020Terms and conditions apply

Photo: Andrea Thiel Lhotáková

Villa Müller | Villa Winternitz   



Tereza Hradílková studied Architecture and later combined her professional knowledge with her interest in paper crafts when she  created Porigami.cz. She started to experiment with paper during her stay in Japan between 2007 and 2008. She then worked at an international architecture studio in Hong Kong but soon decided to focus on work with paper full time. She has continued creating custom made greeting cards, invitation cards and paper installations since her return to Prague. Her 3D cards and installations appeal to a wide range of customers who appreciate her specific aesthetics. In recent years she has started to develop designs for children.

Each of three winners will be able to select one of the listed prizes in his category 

1st place: 
Pavel Janak, Vase, Modernista, 1911 
Libuse Niklova, Elephant, Fatra, 1971 – 1972 

2nd place: 
Jiri Pelcl, Set of liquer glasses, Vicenza, Crystalex, 2005 
Soft toy – the Hare, Zdenek Miler, Moravska ustredna Brno 

3rd place: 
Rony Plesl, Beer glass (0,5l), Pilsner Urquell, 2013
Igracek figurines, Marie Pavlickova Krejchova and Jiri Kalina, EFKO, 1976

Part of Adolf Loos / Pioneer of Modern Living, a series of events celebrating the 150th anniversary of Adolf Loos' birth organised by the Czech Centres and their partners. 
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From: 8 Sep 2020
To: 8 Oct 2020


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