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14 Mar 2013 - 23 Mar 2013

Akleriah at the Queeen's House and Olympia Grand Hall

Akleriah will bring together an eclectic combination of dancers, musicians and performers for their performace Quedenraha at the Queen's House on 23 March. Between 14th and 17th March, Akleriah will also give performative sets of workshops on how to make crochet flowers out of plastic bags at the Olympia Grand Hall.

For their performance titled QUEDENRAHA, Akleriah will bring together an eclectic combination of dancers, musicians and performers. The cast will be dressed in custom-made costumes of extraordinary opulence, reflecting the two Queens of the House and their legacy on the world. Akleriah is an eco-friendly duo and their costumes will incorporate the experimental use of traditional hand crafts and the upcycled waste of contemporary consumer society.
Performance choreography by Lenka Horakova.
Date: 23rd March from 11am - 4pm, 5x 30minutes performance starting on every full hour
Venue: Queen's House
Free event.

Quedenraha Cast:
Music: Nathan Harmer - laptop, Jasmine Scott Neale - cello, Elo Masing - violin
Dance: Treacle Holasz, Zoe Georgallis, Ieva Kuniskis, Charlie Ford
Jester: Benoit Gouttenoire
Opera Singer: James Schouten
Wise Man: Tony Burch
Water spirits: Anna&Lenka
Costumes and Make-up/hair: Anna Kompaniets
Performance Choreography: Lenka Horakova
Dance Choreography: Treacle Holasz
Videography: Jason Wen 


Date: 14th - 17th March
Olympia Grand Hall
Entrance fee applicable. For more information click here

More information about all performances can be found here


The Queeen's House, Royal Museums Greenwich, London; Olympia Grand Hall, London


From: 14 Mar 2013
To: 23 Mar 2013


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