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29 May 2015 19:30

Amoeba by Zuzana Husárová & Olga Pek at Vocal Vertebra #1

One-night festival Vocal Vertebra presenting works in sound, performance and multimedia poetry will mark the occasion of the publication of the book Amoeba by Zuzana Husárová & Olga Pek with Steven Hitchins' Little Pocket Book series. Husárová and Pek's multimedia poetry performance (of which the book is a score) will explore the issues of individuality, binarity, generativity and affective force, mixing them in a cocktail of biological, philosophical, feminist and futuristic fragments that span antiquity to the present and beyond. When an amoeba divides in two, does it stop existing? (Video & sound: Ľubomír Panák.)

Vocal Vertebra #1 is hosted by Goldsmiths’ Sound Practice Research Unit. Developed in The Writers Forum, Vocal Vertebra is a one-night festival that celebrates the lexicon of the body. The gestures, movements and uses of the tongue, of the palms, the teeth, the chest, etc. Articulations that shape an interaction of a body both with its outside and its inside. Providing the basis for an articulation of its subjectivity and its objectivity

The evening will feature performances by Lawrence Upton & Gregorio Fontén.

Free entry


Recital Room 167, Richard Hoggart Building Goldsmiths University, New Cross, London SE14 6NW


29 May 2015 19:30


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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