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16 May 2014 19:00

An Evening with Čaroděj Oz

Czech artist, writer and researcher Hana Janečková presents a film show featuring works by Lubomír Drožd´ aka Čaroděj Oz, a leading samizdat author in Czechoslovakia in the 1980s. Screenings will be accompanied with performance by London-based artist Mathew Cunningham.

TICKETS: £3 available here


The Blessed Cleaner (Blahoslavený uklizeč) 15 min 17 sec
1980, Normal-8, sound, black and white, 6 min 13 sec (sound introduction 7 min 18 sec, sound finale 1 min 42 sec)
Production: Čarodějné filmy pro lid/Wizardly Films for the People
Directed by: Lubomír Drožď (Čaroděj OZ)
Photography: Jiří Vnouček (Giorgionne), Vladimír Gaar (subtitles)
Cast: Pavel Veselý (Pablo de Sax) and others
Music: Gregorian chant, Patti Smith (We shall live again), J. S. Bach

Dreams of a Toilet Attendant (Sny toaletářovy)  18 min 31 sec
A follow up to the Blessed Cleaner is set in the former hole, now a tiled swimming pool, fashioned into a public toilet. The toilet attendant, a person at the bottom of social strata, unable to change anything, fills his time at work by leafing in publication about Oriental art.  When he falls asleep he loses himself in a dreamscape, where hope and horror clash, but without any alleviation from his daily routine.

1980, Super-8, sound, black and white/colour, 11 min 49 sec (sound intro 3 min 50 sec, sound finale 2 min 37 sec)
Production: Čarodějné filmy pro lid/ Wizardly Films for the People
Script, director: Čaroděj OZ (Lubomír Drožď)
Photography: Vladimír Gaar (Mr Karra)
Cast: Pavel Veselý (Pablo de Sax), Irena Gosmanová (Pigi), Vladimír Gaar and others
Music: Vladimír Veit, Hawkwind, Scott McKenzie, Blossom Toes

Easy Rider OZ 53 min
A lose adaptation of the film classic Easy Rider set in the Czech countryside, Easy Rider OZ features ‘Andy Warhol’ introducing and closing the film. Two drug dealers discover large quantities of codeine in a field (in this case supplemented by bags of fertilizer). After making a quick sale they set out on a free bike journey , meeting a feminist, a nice policeman, an ‘alternative’ music concert and visiting a brothel until the money eventually runs out...

Accompanied by original music from  Čaroděj’s band Ovoce a Zelenina OZ (Fruit and Vegetables).

1984, Super-8, sound, black and white/colour
Part 1 – 20 min 12 sec (music intro 45 sec)
Interlude – sound 6 min 43 sec
Part 2 – 21 min 31 sec (music finale 5 min 36 sec)
Producer: OZ films
Directed by: Lubomír Drožď, Vladimír Gaar
Photography: Vladimír Gaar, Lubomír Drožď, Irena Gosmanová, Pavel Veselý
Cast: Lubomír Drožď (Čaroděj OZ), Vladimír Gaar (Karra), and others.
Music: Ovoce & Zelenina


'I asked my friends to come for a weekend in the countryside and to bring a camera because I would like to shoot a film. In the meantime I was thinking about a topic. Walking around my flat, my attic and garage, I tried to find some props and costumes – to be used allegorically, symbolically. What I found was used to create a story. At that time, I was digging a small, round swimming pool in the garden. I said to myself, this would be a good setting for the film – that hole. So it was clear that the whole thing would take place in a dug out hole. Then I gathered all the items that I had found to play the extras – chairs, hangers, suitcases and umbrellas.’
(Čaroděj OZ on The Blessed Cleaner - from an interview by A. Moralesová, 7 August 2012)


Arcadia Missa Gallery, Unit 6, Bellenden Road Business Centre, London SE15 4RF


16 May 2014 19:00


Hana Janečková, Mathew Cunnigham, FAMU and Cinema6

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