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5 Oct 2017 - 8 Oct 2017

Anna Hulačová at Frieze London

For Frieze Art Fair in London, Prague-based Hunt Kastner Gallery present a new project by Anna Hulačová, which reflects a continuation of her interest in social hierarchies and how these affect interaction and communication between people.

The installation is centered around a pair of figures whose commonalities are disrupted by their disparities. The motifs of the pair’s 2-dimensional mask-like faces define the character of their distinct personalities. Fluidity and decay of matter is also contained in moments of the entire installation. The hands are disembodied parts of the armless figures, but more significantly are independent objects with their own separate functions: a vase for flowers, a vessel for foaming soap bubbles. The figures are clothed in fluid, digital print, textile robes that reveal subtle hints as to the discussion in progress, which is further elaborated by the white plaster reliefs on the wall.

Hulačová likes working in the blurred boundaries of the past and the future, i.e. Rococo-like decorative elements combined with post-internet digital prints created with 3D modelization. Her interest in the construction of identities and their mutability, complementariness, and reversibility, is often manifested in sculptural groupings where two figures are engaged in a confrontational dialogue. The combination of natural and technical materials in her work implies an intentional ambiguity, characterized by contrasting techniques and themes that embody an idiosyncratic aesthetics.

Hulačová’s commentary on the contemporary understanding of sculpture is unique. Her work questions the ideas of a national culture in a globalized society by reviving traditional crafts, translating the inspiration found in ancient mythologies, other cultures, and original Christian symbolism into the language of contemporary art.  Her sculptural groupings embody a theatrical sense of choreography that engages in surprising interpretations of strongly iconographic symbols and traditional genres, which are also rooted in her earlier performance-based work.

Anna Hulačová, a 2012 graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, is a sculptor whose work revives traditional crafts, translating the inspiration found in ancient mythologies, eastern cultures as well as in Czech folk traditions and original Christian symbolism into the language of contemporary art. Her primarily figurative works embody an idiosyncratic aesthetics merging ancient idols, Gothic woodcarving and surface minimalism of graphic design and photography. Hulačová's work has been exhibited at two solo exhibition this year – at the Liberec Regional Gallery (Breaks between Shifts) and the East Slovakian Regional Gallery in Košice (Genesis and other Germplasms), and in group exhibitions at the Prague City Gallery in the Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace (2017), Prague National Gallery in the Trade Fair Palace (2015 & 2016), Biennale Giardini in Italy (2016), Gdansk City Gallery (2016), the Institute Français in Prague (2016) and CEAAC in Strasbourg (2016). In 2017, she was selected Artist of the Year for her exceptional work over the previous year, by Art&Antiques magazine in the Czech Republic.









Regent’s Park, London


From: 5 Oct 2017
To: 8 Oct 2017


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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