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12 Jul 2018 - 9 Aug 2018

Another Europe

To celebrate the European Year of Cultural Heritage and Austria’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Austrian Cultural Forum London in collaboration with the Representation of the European Commission in the UK and EUNIC (European Union National Institutes of Culture) presents Another Europe, an outdoor exhibition of photographs, around the Kings Cross area of London, exploring the diversity of European Heritage.

Images of NATO observation towers by Belgian photographer Els van den Meersch contrast with those of a wedding ceremony in Greece by George Tatakis, Petra Lajdova’s striking portrait of a woman in traditional Slovakian clothing, Markéta Luskačová’s Czech carnival scenes or the installation of a Jeff Koons sculpture at Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum by Henk Wildschut. Italian photographer Massimo Vitali, famous for his heat infused Mediterranean beach scenes, has photographed the Rome Forum while Simon Roberts (UK) brings us a very British beach scene of the Charles Dickens celebration at Broadstairs.

Curated by UK artist Hamish Park, the exhibiting artists are in full:
Jean Back (Luxembourg), Gerry Balfe Smith (Ireland), Jelena Blagović (Croatia), Paulo Catrica (Portugal) Emil Danailov (Bulgaria), Joanna Demarco (Malta), Alvaro Deprit (Spain), Tamas Dezso (Hungary), Jeanette Hagglund (Sweden), Nina Korhonen (Finland), Astrid Kruse Jensen (Denmark), Petra Lajdova (Slovakia), Markéta Luskačová (Czech Republic), Marlot & Chopard (France), Adam Panczuk (Poland), Klaus Pichler (Austria) Romualdas Požerskis (Lithuania), Birgit Püve (Estonia), Simon Roberts (UK), Oana Stoian (Romania), George Tatakis (Greece), Andrej Tarfila (Slovenia), Andreas Trogisch (Germany), Thodoris Tzalavras (Cyprus), Iveta Vaivode (Latvia), Els van den Meersch (Belgium), Massimo Vitali (Italy), Henk Wildschut (Netherlands).

Markéta Luskačová was born in Czechoslovakia but gained recognition for her social documentary photography all around the world. She studied sociology at Charles University and photography at FAMU in Prague, and merged the two in later work. In the sixties she followed pilgrimages in remote Slovakian and Polish villages and created series of images called Pilgrims and Šumiac (village in Slovakia). Later she moved to England to live with her husband and continued to photograph people living on the fringes of society, namely in East London’s Spitalfields Street Market. Markéta couldn’t return to Czechoslovakia until the fall of the iron curtain and continued to portray marginalized communities across the United Kingdom. In 1986 she participated in the Citizen 2000 project focused on the lives of children from different ethnic and religious backgrounds. From her post revolution series, photographs from the Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf) schools, the Rolnička centre for disabled children and traditional Czech carnivals are outstanding.  
The project is coordinated in partnership with the Representation of the European Commission in the UK, Argent Property Development and Atelier Jungwirth in Austria and curated by UK photographer Hamish Park.

“In the Czech language, the verb to photograph means to immortalise. When I came to Britain in 1975, I was shocked to learn that in English, the equivalent is to shoot. Even after 37 years here, I find that notion fairly foreign.”
Markéta Luskačová for The Guardian,  2012

Cover image: © Markéta Luskačová


Simon Roberts, Broadstairs Dickens Festival, Isle of Thanet from the series Merrie Albion (2007-2017), courtesy Flowers Gallery London)




Markéta Luskačová

Kings Cross Area, between Battle Bridge Place and Pancras Square, London


From: 12 Jul 2018
To: 9 Aug 2018


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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