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18 Jun 2018 - 31 Dec 2018

Czechoslovak Statehood 1918 / Prague Spring 1968

*** AN INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATION *** The Czech Republic is celebrating important anniversaries in 2018: The 100th anniversary of the birth of an independent Czechoslovakia in 1918, and the 50th anniversary of the dramatic political events of 1968.

This exhbition project is composed of two parts:  Czechoslovak Statehood 1918 and Prague Spring 1968. Both exhibitions present historical data and events as a story composed of audio, textual and video components communicating essential information about these cultural and historical events in the former Czechoslovakia.

Czechoslovak Statehood 1918 presents the creation of Czechoslovakia’s First Republic and the atmosphere of the 1920s, including the crucial events and figures of that era.

Prague Spring 1968 presents the cultural, political and social context of the situation in 1960s Czechoslovakia that resulted in the occupation of the country by Warsaw Pact troops.

Author of the concept and curator: Lenka Lindaurová

Cooperation: Czech Television, Czech News Agency (ČTK), Dobrovická Museum, Zdeněk Harapes, Masaryk Institute and Archives of the CAS, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, City of Prague Museum, T. G. Masaryk Museum in Lány, Langhans Prague Foundation, National Film Archive, National Gallery in Prague, National Library, National Museum, National Technical Museum, Monument of National Literature, Postal Museum, Slovak National Gallery, Tyrš House, Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, Military History Institute in Prague and Bratislava

Cover image: President Masaryk after his return to Prague on 21 December 2018, Photo: ČTK (Czech Press Agency)

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Sculptor Otakar Španiel with the bust of T. G. Masaryk, 1947, Photo: ČTK (Czech Press Agency)

Map of Czechoslovakia in 1918, photo: archive of Zdeněk Harapes

Broken signs, August 1968,  Photo: ČTK (Czech Press Agency)

Place of Jan Palach's death, Prague 1969, Photo: National Museum Archive, Collection on Modern Czech History





Czech Centre London, 30 Kensington Palace Gardens, W84QY, London


From: 18 Jun 2018
To: 31 Dec 2018


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