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15 Aug 2014 21:00 - 22:20

Czech and Slovak Docs at Floating Cinema: The Last Black Sea Pirates

The Last Black Sea Pirates swim in testosterone and rugged tenderness in a land of wilderness and legends, far from civilization. For 20 years, Captain Jack The Whale and his crew have been drinking, dreaming and hunting for a treasure buried in the gully of Karadere, the pristine beach they call home. But someone else has got wind of Karadere's treasures. When news of imminent change begin to find its way to this remote oasis, the pirates' world begins to unravel. Doubts erode the foundations of trust, conflicts brew, and tensions are on the rise. In this crisis, emerges a contemporary fairy tale about the treasures we hunt and those that we find.

Open Air Film
Svetoslav Toyanov, 2013 Bulgaria, 72 mins
suitable for ages 12 and above, contains swearing
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Merchant Square, Paddington, W2 1AS


15 Aug 2014 21:00 - 22:20


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