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11 Aug 2015 - 19 Aug 2015

Czech Showcase @ Fringe 2015: VerTeDance - Correction

Facing the audience, seven performers standing in a perfect line are longing for freedom. Everything is pushing off, tipping and falling; yet every imbalance is corrected and brought back to equilibrium. Correction, a dance theatre piece with live music by Clarinet Factory, shows that the attainment of freedom often goes hand in hand with loss. But above all, it shows that the lack of freedom to decide can also result in comfort, relief, familiarity and devotion – even happiness. Audience Award and Mess Award at Be Festival 2015. Czech Dance Piece of the Year.

11 - 19 August 2015, 8.15 pm
Zoo Southside, Venue number 82, 117 Nicolson Street, Edinburgh EH8 9ER
Tickets: £10, consc. £8

Awards–winning Czech dance company heads to Edinburgh Fringe for its second time. This time with a piece that knocks down mental boundaries of a post-soviet society.

Twenty-five years after opening the boarders, Czech society still deals with mental bounds. Do we really live in freedom, if we cannot free ourselves? And don’t we need an exact limit in order to perceive freedom? Imagine a world where you can’t progress despite your best efforts to push forward, where a mysterious force changes human beings into a mechanical metronome.

In Correction, seven performers convulse without moving, they walk without making a single step, they reluctantly long for freedom, lovingly hate each other and blindly look for a way out. Everything is pushing off, tipping and falling; yet every imbalance is corrected and brought back to equilibrium. The cast weave around their own shadows whilst a live modern minimalist soundtrack by Clarinet Factory builds a fluid tension. Will they find the world outside their comfort zone, and will they be able to deal with it?

Correction, the Dance Piece of the year 2014, comes to Edinburgh Fringe exclusively only for 9 shows in ZOO Southside, after being presented in Spain, Germany, Poland and Be Festival in Birmingham.

“Conceptual arts in an exceptionally communicative form.”
Dance Zone

This is conceptual arts in an exceptionally communicative form.”
★★★★★ Nina Vangeli, Theatre News

“As modern young women, they’re struggling intelligently and entertainingly with who and what they’re meant to be, while as the spiritual granddaughters of Pina Bausch they can get away with being as goofy, witty, tough or brave as they like”.
★★★★ Donald Hutera, The List (Edinburgh Fringe 2013)

The dance company VerTeDance was founded in 2004 by the trio Veronika Knytlová and Tereza Ondrová, dancers and choreographers, and Pavel Kotlík, a light designer. The company has to its credit a number of important rewards, among them The Dancer of the Year 2010, The Best Light Design Award (2012 and 2014) and The Theatre News Award (2012 and 2014). VerTeDance are the only Czech company to have gained the most prestigious Czech award in the field, The Dance Piece of The Year, as many as three times: for Silent Talk in 2005, for What is the Weight of Your Desire in 2012 and for CORRECTION in 2014. www.vertedance.org

Clarinet Factory

Imagine a music workshop or laboratory, to which a little clarinet, some classical music education, a little ethno, jazz and supposing also some minimalism is mixed in. You deliver a taste for improvisation, buy the most modern electronics and technology, invite interesting guests and then start doing research, creating, and mainly communicating with the audience.
A particular genre will emerge from the environment, which you have thus created, a genre that can have various things in common with the established term crossover, but more appropriately should be expressed as „music without borders". www.clarinet-factory.cz

Part of Czech Showcase @ Fringe 2015

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Zoo Southside, Venue number 82, 117 Nicolson Street, Edinburgh EH8 9ER

From: 11 Aug 2015
To: 19 Aug 2015


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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