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13 Sep 2014 - 31 Dec 2014

Czech Design at London Design Festival: Elements of Craft

Lina Kanafani curates an exhibition focusing on the influence of craft in design. Pieces by Angelo Mangiarotti and Roy McMakin present classics from the 70s and 80s set against works by over 50 established and emerging designers to create a visual harmony of contrasts. This year the presence of Czech designers at Mint will be very prominent and represented by a number of distinguished designers as well as new graduates.

Participating Czech Designers include Lasvit group, Qubus Studio,  Křehký Studio, Klára Šumová, Milan Pekař and Verreum.
In addition a selection of new designers’ work will be included. Graduates from UMPRUM, The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague will be represented by Tadeáš Podracký, Adam Železný, Bára Vinařová, Klára Chrudinová, Tomáš Vap, and Anna Štěpánková.

Lasvit, internationally known for its avant-garde installations, will be displaying a new lighting collection ‘Frozen’ by Maxim Velčovský inspired by the transformation of water into ice.
Also on display will be the ‘Das Pop’ chandelier by Maarten Baas for Lasvit, a new addition to his Clay Series.

Mint will be featuring works from Křehký Gallery which include Jan Plecháč and Henry Wielgus’s handmade leather swing and Jakub Berdych’s collection of vases and bowls Blown Press made for the Qubus Studio.

Other established Czech designers to be displayed include new works by Klara Sumova with
anodized aluminium stools and a personal mirror, and glazed crystal vases by Milan Pekař using a special technique finished by a glaze application.

Also on display for the show are three lines of tableware for Verreum entitled Chromos, Iris, and Pastel created by Scholten & Baijings. In the making process they experimented with combining coloured glass with gradients, silvering inside and metallic coating outside, all of which fit in perfectly with the design language marked by layering, mixing of colours and surprising finishes.

In addition a selection of new designers work will be included, graduates from UMPRUM, The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. The program is under the tutorship of Maxim Velčovský and Eva Eisler.
These will be represented by Tadeáš Podracký’s collection JAARS combining both historical and contemporary influences, and Bára Vinařová’s tea sets and vases based on casting wooden parts in the forest, making around 30 combinations of cups and pots.
Other notable works of Czech graduates include Adam Železný’s collections of ceramic bowls entitled Blast, created by a shock wave induced by controlled detonation and Wrought, a collection of bowls inspired by the aesthetics of real wrought iron. Anna Štěpánková’s set of playful wooden accessories aimed for children to enjoy the experience of picking mushrooms and interacting with nature.

For more information please contact Craig Irvine at:
press@mintshop.co.uk Mint  London
13 September 2014 -  31 December 2014
Opening times: 10.30 - 19.30 Mon to Sat, 11.00 - 17.00 Sun 21st
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Mint, founded in 1998, is considered one of London's most prestigious interior design stores and is dedicated to curating work by up-and-coming people in the field.


Maxim Velčovský for Lasvit

Milan Pekař

UMPRUM press release - UMPRUM Prague invades London!:


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From: 13 Sep 2014
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