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20 Feb 2015 - 24 Feb 2015

Once Upon a Time: Czech Fashion at the International Fashion Showcase

The Czech Centre London and the Czech Fashion Council proudly present Once Upon a Time, a fashion exhibition of five emerging Czech designers organised as part of the British Council and British Fashion Council’s International Fashion Showcase 2015 in parallel with London Fashion Week.

Once upon a time presents women, men and children’s wear and accessories created by five young Czech fashion and jewellery designers whose work is connected by an almost archetypical quality of their imagination. It’s as if they were re-creating long forgotten fairy tale landscapes inscribing at times poetic, at times witty and sometimes even haunting stories into fabrics, furs, metals, skins and gems. In this exhibition, fashion meets fantasy. So prepare to play and immerse into a world where fashion garments are worn by monkey kings and mountaineers (Petra Ptáčková), foxes transform into women adorned by flower-shaped silver, crystals and pearls (Janja Prokić), gravel is turned into coats and rings for modern princes (Mirka Horká), crayon drawings of a spontaneous child become alive (Markéta Martišková) and forests of rabbit skulls remind us of the traps of vanity (Štěpán Růžička).

The exhibition was curated by Olo Krizova, founder of the Czech Fashion Council and designed by Deform Studio.

open daily 10 AM - 6 PM

Brewer Street Car Park, London, W1F 0LA

20-24 February 2015

Cover image: Janja Prokič, photo Bet Orten


photo: Vojtěch Veškrna
The Top Style Designer of 2011 and nominee for the Czech Grand Design Fashion Designer of 2013, Mirka specializes mainly in men´s wear.  She studied at the University of Tomas Bata in Zlín, and has recently opened a workshop offered tailored services for gentlemen. She frequently works with jewellery designer Stepan Ruzicka. Mirka´s clothes were shown on several fashion weeks and design festivals but also in galleries around the Czech Republic thanks to their pure design and artistic quality.

photo: Martin Dandar
After her studies at VŠVU in Bratislava, Markéta Martišková has moved to Antwerps, Belgium, to start studying on the Academy of Art. Nowadays, Antwerps are her second home and mainly big source of inspiration for her ideas and work.
As a designer, Markéta likes to communicate through symbols, typography and print and likes to discover and use new techniques. A certain joke accompanies the topic of each collection and is largely based on Markéta’s fantasies.
As a result of a her interest in child spontaneity and expressive painting, she made her first collection for children in 2014.

Photo: Danica Kovacevic
Janja Prokić (1984), one of the Czech Republic’s top jewellery talents, isn’t Czech at all. Serbian expatriate Janja Prokić originally studied sculpture and painting. Later she was accepted into Eva Eisler prestigious jewellery design studio at the Prague Academy of Architecture Arts and Design. She has made a name for herself with exquisitely detailed brooches, large necklaces, and a multitude of other accessories, inspired by majestic birds, foxes, flowers and superpowers. Janja received numerous awards for her work including the Czech Grand Design Award for best jewellery design.

Photo: Louise Ernandez
Petra Ptáčková (1987) works in New York, Prague and Paris were she also studied fashion and discovered her passion for old haute couture techniques. She brings fairy-tale in fashion and loves to rediscover what has been forgotten. Her clothes are pieces of art in accordance with wearability. Petra’s philosophy is about game, puzzles and most of the garments you can adjust or change the size. Lately Petra showcased her SS15 collection at PFW and MBFW in Prague and was picked as Supernova, a rising star designer in HINT Magazine. During 2014 she presented her work at MBFW in Amsterdam as a selected designer in NEXT platform, FashionClash Maastricht(NL), MBFW in Madrid as an international fashion guest.

© Štěpán Růžička
Štěpán Růžička is an award-winning designer and musician. He studied at the prestigious K.O.V. studio led by Eva Eisler at the Prague Academy of Architecture, Arts and Design, and had internships in Greece and New York. His work was exhibited in several galleries in Prague, Milano, Munich, and New York. Štěpán received critical recognition for his collection of brooches B-birds made out of tin lids. He has also ventured into costume design working with alternative theatre scenes. He is the founding member of music bands Republic of Two and Piano.

Olo Křížová is the founder of the Czech Fashion Council, stylist, former model and muse of many artists. She was the creative director of Prague and Bratislava Fashion Weekend and creative director and founder of Shooting Fashion Stars. In addition to that, she has curated several fashion and design exhibition and showcases, for example the VOLIERA exhibition in the Moravian Gallery in Brno.
Olo´s international experience, excellent reputation and keen eye make her the most suitable curator for IFS.

Studio deFORM was founded by Jakub Pollág and Václav Mlynář in 2011, during their studies at Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Studio deFORM focuses on product design, furniture design, interior design, exhibition design and creative advertisement. Enjoying every challenge, they are willing to broaden their horizons with new interesting approaches they have never tried before. They seek to balance their work between commercial and independent creative projects. Main goal is always the same: To give the additional value to their products.

About the International Fashion Showcase
The British Council and the British Fashion Council will present 130 emerging designers from nearly 30 countries in the largest public fashion exhibition of its kind. The annual exhibition now in its fourth year, is free of charge and will take place at Brewer Street Car Park in London during London Fashion Week.

Accompanying Events 

Once Upon a Time - Private View
Saturday 21 February, 7pm

The Art of Craft Workshop
Saturday 21 February 2pm
Create your own accessory with Czech designers. No prior experience is needed and all materials and guidance will be provided.
RSVP: info@czechcentre.org.uk

Supported by:

Jakub Polanka; Jesus Gang - Freedom is the new black! The most celebrated award-winning Czech fashion designer Jakub Polanka presented his new collection JESUS GANG in London in February 2014 through a multidisciplinary performance FASHION ART LAB.

Janja Prokič, photo: Michaela Čejková

Markéta Martišková, photo: Martin Dandar

Mirka Horká, photo: Vojtěch Veškrna

Petra Ptáčková, photo: Louise Ernandez

© Štěpán Růžička



Brewer Street Car Park, London, W1F 0LA


From: 20 Feb 2015
To: 24 Feb 2015


Czech Center is a coorganizer of the event

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