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23 Jun 2011 20:20

Czech Film at the Edinburgh International Film Festival

This year the Czech Republic will be represented at the Edinburgh International Film Festival by a short movie by Milos Tomic and Jakub Felcman, Pigeon's Milk. A confusing story about joy for distruction, lust and god knows what else...


Pigeon's Milk (2010, Czech Republic, 6 min) will be shown as a part a programme with animated movies called Animated Extremes.


Milos Tomic was born in 1976 in Belgrade. At the end of elementary school he started coloring, collecting objects from the street, photographing and playing music. In 2001 Tomic graduated from the Academy of Arts and finished his graduate animation studies. Living in Prague, he is currently writing a thesis on "Preciousness of Discarded Objects, i.e. trash as the material for film, photography and more.

Jakub Felcman
was b
orn in 1980 and currently lives in Prague. He graduated from screenwriting studies at FAMU, Prague, and also studied documentary films at La fémis Paris. Apart from writing for his fellow directors Milos Tomic and Olmo Omerzu as well as producer Cestmir Kopecky, he is preparing a bibliography of Czech samizdat film articles of the 1970’s and the 1980’s. His main role, however, is as a film curator and festival programmer. He also writes film reviews from time to time.










For more information about the festival and screenings go to:


George Square Theatre, 30 George Square Newington, Edinburgh, EH8 9LJ

23 Jun 2011 20:20


Edinburgh International Film Festival

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